process of ball mill for crushing soft stone

Ball mill is a widely used crushing equipment for crushing soft stones such as limestone, gypsum, marble and dolomite, mainly used for grinding and drying materials. The power required to run the ball mill varies depending on the size and hardness of the stones. It is usually used for crushing stones under 5 cm in diameter and for stones with a Mohs hardness of less than 7, especially for soft stones.

The process of ball mill for crushing soft stone can be divided into four stages.

At the first stage, the stones should be screened according to their size and hardness. This can be done by passing them through a vibrating screen or sorting machine. The stones satisfying the size and hardness requirements will be fed into the ball mill.

The second step is to add suitable grinding agents. The grinding agents can be ore powder or metal balls made of various materials such as steel, stainless steel and so on. If metal balls are used, they must undergo certain grinding processes to make them suitable for the stones.

The third step is to start the ball mill and begin the grinding process. The ball mill will rotate at a high speed, causing the grinding media to grind the stones into a fine powder. The grinding process will be complete when the required particle size is reached.

The last step is to collect the milled powder and store it. The ball mill can be used again for other materials by changing the grinding agent and re-feeding the stones for further processing.

The process of ball mill for crushing soft stone can provide high efficiency and quality production. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution for grinding and crushing soft stone.

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