small scale gold processing equipment hammer mill

With the rapid development of the gold industry, more and more people are investing in gold mining. However, for small-scale gold miners, traditional gold processing methods are expensive and require a lot of manpower. In order to meet the needs of small-scale gold miners, equipment manufacturers are constantly introducing new types of small-scale gold processing equipment. The hammer mill is one of the most commonly used gold processing equipment.

Small scale gold processing equipment hammer mill (also called HM series coarse powder mill) is a kind of new high-tech milling machine to meet the requirements of coarse powder processing customers. This machine adopts the advanced technology of domestic and foreign countries. The hammer mill is mainly composed of frame, rotor, feed hopper and drive device.

The frame is mainly composed of base frame, hinged frame, pulleys and movable parts. The frame adopts high-quality steel plate welding, which has sufficient strength and stiffness and can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The rotor is an important component of the hammer mill. It mainly includes the main shaft, hammer plate and the pin shaft sleeve. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel, and the hammer plate is made of high hardness materials such as high-manganese steel and wear-resistant alloy material. Feed hopper is used to feed materials into grinding room of hammer mill continuously and evenly. The drive device mainly includes motor, pulley, belt and Y-shaped membrane coupling.

Small scale gold processing equipment hammer mill can be used to grind gold ore into smaller particles, thus achieving the most efficient gold recovery. In addition, because of its compact structure and simple operation, it has become an ideal choice for small-scale gold miners.

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