Application Field Of Quicklime And Process Flow


Summary:Quick lime is also called calcium oxide, the high calcium content of limestone, chalk, dolomite and other minerals calcined at 900 ~ 1100℃, as a cheap alkaline

Quick lime is also called calcium oxide, the high calcium content of limestone, chalk, dolomite and other minerals calcined at 900 ~ 1100℃, as a cheap alkaline oxide.Can be used for chemical absorption method to remove water vapor common desiccant, and iron and steel, pesticide, medicine, desiccant, tanning and alcohol dehydration.Especially suitable for puffed food, mushroom, fungus and other local products, as well as instruments, medicine, clothing, electronic telecommunications, leather, textile and other industries.Quicklime can also be used in the sugar industry as a clarifying agent for sugar solution.

Process Flow Of Quick Lime

Limestone - > calcination (rotary kiln, vertical kiln) - > quicklime (crusher) - > grinding powder (quicklime vertical mill, quicklime ramon machine) - > quicklime powder 200-325 mesh (powder sorting machine) - > finished product.

Process Flow 1-Calcination of Limestone  

Large blocks of limestone are calcined at high temperature in rotary kilns and vertical kilns and decomposed into quick lime (the chemical formula is CaO).

Process Flow 2-Quicklime Crushing  

large pieces of quicklime are broken into particles of about 50MM by jaw crusher, which are hoisted by chain hopper and stored in storage tank for later use.

Process Flow 3-Quicklime Grinding Powder 

Quicklime grinding powder according to the production needs of customized vertical quicklime grinding machine or quicklime Raymond machine, usually used in the production of commonly used industrial 200 mesh ~325 mesh of lime powder.

Process flow 4-Quicklime Powder Selection 

Quicklime vertical mill or lime ramon machine grind into powder after powder selection machine, by adjusting the wind speed, air volume and air pressure to get 200 mesh or 325 mesh powder, powder through the pipeline into the powder collector to complete the whole process of powder production.

Equipment Selection

The selection of equipment for the production line of quicklime powder includes the selection of two important equipment, one is the calcination equipment and the other is the grinding equipment.Calcination process according to the investment capacity of rotary kiln or vertical kiln, shaft kiln less investment, quick return.The quicklime grinding process can be used in vertical quicklime grinding machine and quicklime Raymond machine. The quicklime Raymond machine has less investment, but frequent replacement of wear-resisting parts.Quick lime vertical mill investment, large output, wear - resistant parts for a long time, simple replacement.

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