Industrial Solid Waste To Energy Solutions


Summary:Our energy solutions provide high levels of recovery of industrial solid waste.

What Is Industrial Solid Waste

Industrial solid waste comes from industrial production activities, and its usable value is not low. Experts pointed out that compared with waste water and waste gas, industrial solid waste is easier to realize resource utilization. After proper process treatment, industrial solid waste can become industrial raw materials or energy sources, such as building materials such as cement, sand and gravel aggregates, and metal and rare metals can be extracted from them, or fertilizers and soil amendments can be made.

Application(Take the waste rock as an example)

Railway ballast

The requirement for railway ballast is not fragile under vibration pressure. Of course, rocks with developed schistosity or bedding are not suitable for use as ballast, while limestone and basalt are more suitable for railway ballast.

Basic raw materials or mixed raw materials of cement

The basic raw materials of cement are limestone and clay ore, and limestone, clay stone, and shale are all common waste rocks in mines. In addition, those with higher amorphous content in waste rock, such as vitreous volcanic rock, tuff, pumice, etc., can also be used as active mixing materials.

Landfill open pit

The waste rock is discharged into the open pit that has existed in the past, and then covered with a certain thickness of arable soil to make it arable land. This is the approach that some mines are adopting.

Sand aggregate

At present, the lack of sand and gravel resources in my country and the extremely unbalanced market supply and demand have caused the price of sand to rise again and again. In the long-term mining and production process of metal and non-metallic mines, a large amount of waste rock is produced, which can be processed into sand. Stone aggregate has eased the contradiction between supply and demand to a certain extent.

LM Series Vertical Mill - Choosing the right solution for your business

To realize the reuse of industrial solid waste, appropriate grinding equipment is needed, and LM series vertical mill is the first choice. Use advanced vertical mill for industrial solid waste to improve the use efficiency of recycled aggregate.

Models and parameters LM130N LM150N LM170N LM190N LM220N LM280N LM370N
OD of Turnplate(mm) 1700 1900 2100 2400 2800 3500 4500
Moisture of Scoria <15%
Output fineness Specific Surface Area≥420m²/kg
Moisture of Powder ≤1%
Capacity (t/h) 4~6 6~8 8~10 10~12 20~26 50~60 90~110
Main motor (kW) 200--250 280--315 400--450 500--560 900--1000 1800--2000 3150--3300

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