How Do We Use Bentonite In Everyday Life


Summary:Bentonite application in various industry and bentonite grinding project case.

Properties of Bentonite

Main Mineral Component Main Chemical Component Color
Montmorillonite SiO2, Al2O,H2O White, light yellow, changing with the content of iron
Mohs Hardness Density Typical Property
2-2.5 2-2.7g/cm3 Slippery, swelling

SBM Bentonite Processing Projects

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Applications of Bentonite

Fields Applications Categories
Casting Molding sand binder Sodium, calcium and  magnesium bentonite
Hydrated molding sand binder, surface stabilizer. Organobentonite
Metallurgy Iron concentrate pellet binder Sodium bentonite
Drilling Mud Used for drilling mud suspension with high rheology and thixotropy; pipe free agent for drills Sodium, calcium and  magnesium bentonite; organobentonite
Food Used for decoloration and purification of animal and vegetable oil, defecation of wine and fruit juice, stabilization and saccharification of beer. Activated clay,  calcium and  magnesium bentonite
Used for refining petroleum, grease, paroline (kerosene); catalyst carrier of the petroleum cracking process. Activated clay,  calcium and  magnesium bentonite
Used for tar-water emulsion Sodium bentonite(activated or natural)
Stabilizer of pitch, densifier of lube. Organobentonite
Agriculture Soil amendment, additive of mixed fertilizer and forage, adhesive All kinds of Bentonite
Chemical Engineering Catalyst, carrier of pesticides
Filter of rubber and plastics
Additive coating of desiccant, filtering agent, detergent, soap and toothpaste
Activated clay,  lithium and  magnesium Bentonite; Sodium bentonite(activated or natural); organobentonite
Ecological Engineering Used for industrial wastewater and food industry waste treatment, purification of swimming pool water, adsorbent of radioactive waste, soil and water conservation, stabilization of sands. Activated clay;  Sodium Bentonite (activated or natural)
Construction Waterproof material, cement mixture, plasticizer and additive of concrete. All kinds of bentonite
Papermaking Coloring agent of carbon paper, filter of pigment. Activated clay;  calcium and  magnesium bentonite
Textile, Printing and Dyeing Filter, decolorizer, antistatic coating, substitute of starch slurry, and printing gum. Activated clay;  Sodium bentonite(activated or natural)
Ceramics Plasticizer of its raw material All kinds of bentonite
Medicine and  maquillage Medicine sorbent, binder of ointment, maquillage Magnesium,calcium,lithium and sodium bentonite
Mechanics high temperature lubricant Organobentonite

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