Bentonite Clay Milling Process By Vertical Mill


Summary´╝ÜBentonite Vertical Grinding Process The raw ore is sent to the storage hopper by a forklift, and a manual rod valve and a quantitative feeder are set under the

Vertical grinding of bentonite has a smooth process, simple operation, environmentally friendly production, and strong adaptability. Its performance in all aspects is better than traditional Raymond mills. It can provide a new technology for the large-scale and intensive development of the bentonite industry.

Bentonite Vertical Grinding Process

Design Advantages Of Processing

It adopts material bed grinding, the grinding pressure is adjustable, the powder selection efficiency is high, the fineness adjustment range is wide, and the product adjustment is convenient; the single machine output is high (depending on the model, a single machine 10-20t/h), loss (power consumption and wear ) Low noise, low negative pressure and less dust, PLC control in the whole line, high degree of automation. The process is particularly suitable for the requirements of modern industrial enterprises for energy conservation and environmental protection.


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