Different Fineness Limestone Application Field And Usage


Summary:Limestone is a non-metallic mineral, can be used in various industries, Different fineness, different equipment and different application field.

Limestone is a non-metallic mineral, It is the main raw material for the production of cement, lime and other products. It is also an important raw material for the production of industrial materials such as calcium oxide and calcium carbonate. It is at the forefront of the industrial chain.

In terms of technological process and physical characteristics, raw limestone ore undergoes a series of processes such as beneficiation, crushing and classification, is processed different finenesses according to customer needs. Under normal circumstances, the company refers to limestone products with a fineness between 0-3mm as lime powder, and products with a fineness greater than 3mm are called limestone.

Different Fineness

Limestone can be divided into four different specifications according to the different grinding fineness: 200 mesh 95%, 325 mesh 99%, 325 mesh 99.9%, 400 mesh 99.95%,  used in different industrial.

Limestone Uses

Metallurgical Industry: As a carrier of calcium oxide in iron and steel, it becomes fusible slag.

Chemical Industry: Filler for rubber industry; extender for paper and paint; raw material for calcium carbide; also widely used in the manufacture of bleaching agent, alkali production, seawater extraction of magnesia, nitrogen fertilizer, plastics, organic chemicals, calcium carbide.

Construction Industry: Production of lime slurry for construction, various types of lime, gravel, asphalt ingredients for road construction, etc.

Agriculture: Calcined lime is used to neutralize acid soil and as feed.

Building Materials Industry: Cement, glass, ceramics, refractories.

Different Fineness, Different Equipment

The grinding equipment of SBM indludes all important anges in terms of powder fineness.

1. Applications of limestone particles ≥10mm:

Used as aggregate for highways, railways, concrete mixing plants, etc.

Used for burning lime, used in iron and steel metallurgy industry.

Equipment recommended: jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher

2. Applications of limestone particles and tailings ≤10mm:

Processed to less than 5mm, used as machine-made sand (equipment recommended: sand making machine, hammer crusher, roller crusher)

High mud content, processed to 100 mesh, used as stone powder for plastering walls;

Low mud content, processed to 200 mesh, used as additive for asphalt mixing station;

Low mud content, processed to 325 mesh, used as commercial concrete additive;

3. High calcium content, processed to 250 mesh or 325 mesh as desulfurizer;

Equipment recommended: Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ball mill;

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