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Summary:MTW110 grinding mill is one of most popular 250mesh dolomite powder making machine in Sri Lanka, we have many grinding plants, which can be arranged to visit for free.

Dolomite Powder Distributed In Sri Lanka

Dolomite powder is a common rock-forming mineral with a composition of calcium magnesium carbonate. Its chemical formula is denoted as CaMg(CO3)2. It is scattered throughout the Highland - South Western, Vijayan, and Wanni complexes. Some of the localities known for limestone deposits are Anuradhapura, Habarana, Matale, Kandy, Ratnapura, Balangoda, Badulla, Bibile, Welimada, Ambilipitiya, Hambantota, Kataragama, etc.

Dolomite Powder Specification

Type Natural
Microns Brightness 90-98%
Whiteness ~98%
CaO Min. 30%
MgO Min. 20%
SiO2+Al2O3 Max. 4%
Size 100-1000 Mesh
Moisture 2% max

Dolomite Powder Uses

Why Is Dolomite Powder Used In Agriculture?

The dolomitic limestone is the most abundant type of material found in these deposits. It is mined and powdered as a fertilizer to provide Magnesium for plants. This powdered material is also used to stabilize the soil and to adjust the pH value of soil.

After being mixed with dolomite powder, all fertilizers and pesticides work effectively. Plants can easily absorb nutrition with the help of dolomite. This is a fine powder that allows all nutrition to reach the plant and aids in the rapid growth of the plants.

Dolomite also reacts with the acid, making it useful as a soil conditioner. In many soils, fertilizer is heavily used, so maintaining the soil PH is only done by dolomite, which acts as a soil conditioner. Dolomite powder in agriculture also contains other chemicals, such as aluminum and silica, required by plants. All of these natural chemicals are beneficial to plants.

Dolomite Powder Uses In Construction

Dolomitic limestone is mined to produce quicklime and slaked lime for the building industry. It’s also used as a minor raw material in the ceramic and glass industry. Powders are also used in the rubber and paint industries as filler material and also to produce wall finishing materials.

As construction material, dolomite is crushed and sized for use as a road base material, an aggregate in concrete and asphalt, railroad ballast, rip-rap (armour shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour and water erosion), or fill. Dolomite is chosen as a construction material due to its increased hardness and density. Asphalt and concrete applications prefer dolomite as filler because of its higher strength and hardness.

How To Make Dolomite Powder

In order to make dolomite powder, first, you need to have dolomite stone available. This is not a procedure that can be done easily outside production plants. Although the process itself is not overly complicated, due to dolomite’s high strength, it needs suitable grinding machine to grind the stone into smaller pieces, then again grind those same small pieces, and repeat the process over and over to result in a perfect white powder.

Dolomite Powder Making Machine

Dolomite powder making machine also be called dolomite grinding mill or dolomite pulverizing mill. According to your different demand about the powder fineness processing, the capapcity of dolomite powder making machine can be controlled in the range of 1-45 t/h. MTW110 European grinding mill is ideal grinding machine to grind and process dolomite, and the fine powder size can be 40 mesh to 325 mesh for industry usage.

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Our company has long thrived in contributing to dolomite powder making solution. Sri Lanka is our main market, and so far, we have met our customers’ needs and thrive to continue doing so.

In the local area, we have many grinding plants, which can be arranged to visit for free. Provide 7*24 hours sales consultation service, Fulfilling the strategy of local manufacture and global distribution, SBM takes Asia as the heart area to radiate toward the global medium-to-high end customers. The product has got the European CE Certification and global quality certification ISO9001:2000, etc..

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