Electronic Communication Function Filling Materials And Market Demand


Summary:Electronic communication functional filler is a kind of functional filler with excellent performance. It is filled in the packaging materials of electronic chip

Electronic communication functional filler is a kind of functional filler with excellent performance. It is filled in the packaging materials of electronic chips and electronic printed circuit boards. It can meet the signal transmission requirements of high frequency, high speed, low delay, low loss and high reliability. It is widely used in electronics, advanced communications (5G), storage computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, satellite positioning, aerospace, high-speed railway and other fields.

1. Common Filling Materials For Electronic Communication Functions

At present, the mature electronic communication functional filling materials on the market mainly include high-performance silica powder materials, spherical alumina materials and boehmite, high-performance silica powder materials include high-purity silica, crystalline silica , spherical silica and fused silica.

(1) High-purity silica

It is made of natural quartz sand through processes such as airflow crushing, surface coating, and impurity removal. It has the characteristics of high purity and concentrated particle size distribution, and can reduce the release of α particles from packaging materials, thereby reducing the occurrence of integrated circuits. The probability of soft errors is filled in epoxy molding compound as a functional filling material, and is widely used in chip packaging in the fields of electronic communication, storage computing, and artificial intelligence.

(2) Crystalline silica

Using natural quartz sand as raw material, it is processed through impurity removal, grading, airflow crushing and other processes. It has the characteristics of concentrated particle size distribution, precise control of large particles, and less magnetic foreign matter. It can improve the performance of downstream related products in terms of electrical properties and other aspects. Physical properties, silicone rubber products prepared from it as raw materials can be used as composite materials in electronic communications, aerospace, high-speed railways, LED lighting and other fields.

(3) Fused silica

It is made of crystalline silica as raw material through high-temperature melting, jet milling and other processes. It has the characteristics of low electrical conductivity, excellent insulation performance, and low magnetic foreign matter. At the same time, the dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and linear expansion coefficient are also high. Lower than crystalline silica, it is used as a functional filler in high-frequency and high-speed copper clad laminates in the fields of advanced communications (5G), autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence.

(4) Spherical silica

It is made of high-purity silica powder material through spheroidization treatment, jet milling and other processes. It has uniform particle size, high spheroidization rate, high fluidity, good insulation performance, low magnetic foreign matter, low dielectric A series of excellent characteristics such as electrical constant, low dielectric loss, and small linear expansion coefficient are mainly used as functional filling materials for high-frequency and high-speed copper clad laminates, as well as functional filling materials for epoxy molding compounds in chip packaging materials, etc., used in aerospace, high-speed High-frequency high-speed copper clad laminates and high-end chip materials for high-end railways.

(5) spherical alumina

Alumina is used as raw material, and it is prepared through airflow crushing, spherification, surface coating, impurity removal and other processes. It has easy dispersibility, controllable particle size and uniform particle size, high spheroidization rate, low content of magnetic foreign matter, It has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity and high volume filling rate. It is mainly used as a filling material in epoxy resin and silicone to produce thermal interface materials.

Market Demand for Electronic Communication Functional Filling Materials

The development of the integrated circuit industry drives the packaging and testing market upward. Benefiting from the entry into the boom cycle of semiconductor development and the continuous improvement of the status of Chinese packaging and testing manufacturers in global competition, the sales revenue of China's integrated circuit packaging and testing industry continues to grow, with a compound growth rate of 13% from 2019 to 2025.

At present, epoxy molding compound is mainly used as the shell material in global integrated circuit packaging. Epoxy molding compound is a molding compound made of epoxy resin as the base resin, adding functional fillers represented by silica and various additives. Among them, functional fillers can account for 70% of the epoxy molding compound content- 90%.

In the field of electronic communication functional filling materials, both China and Japan have important enterprises. At present, China's fused silica powder materials have taken the lead or reached the median particle size, electrical conductivity, spheroidization rate, dielectric constant and dielectric loss, black spots, and magnetic foreign matter detected after being filled into copper clad laminates. the same level.

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