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Summary:Engineering plastics are mainly new materials that can meet the application performance indicators in the engineering field by changing the ratio of raw materia

Engineering plastics are mainly new materials that can meet the application performance indicators in the engineering field by changing the ratio of raw materials such as polymer resins, inorganic fillers, and additives and processing conditions. Calcium carbonate, mica, wollastonite, bentonite, kaolin, talc and other non-metallic mineral materials have been widely used in engineering plastics to reduce product costs, improve the mechanical properties and processing properties of materials, and improve material stability and flame retardancy.

Current Status Of Engineering Plastics Industry In China

With the rapid development of automobile, electronics, electrical, communication technology and machinery industry, the demand for engineering plastics with special and excellent properties such as high strength, heat resistance and flame retardancy has been rapidly increased. At present, the production of engineering plastics in countries with a high degree of industrialization such as the United States and Germany is far ahead of the global level, and they are regions with better development of engineering plastics in the world.

In comparison, engineering plastics started late in China, but developed rapidly. At present, it has gradually formed a complete industrial chain with related supporting capabilities such as resin synthesis, plastic modification and alloys, and processing applications. The industrial scale continues to expand and exports continue. Growth; the scale of the enterprise continues to grow, and the variety of products continues to increase; the level of science and technology is improving day by day, and the technology and quality indicators of some products are also close to the advanced level of foreign countries.

In recent years, the industrialization of PPS, PI, PEEK and other special engineering plastics and downstream products has accelerated, while small varieties such as polysulfone, polyarylate, and special polyamide are in the stage of technology development and application research, and the industrialization process is relatively slow.

The Future Development Direction Of Engineering Plastics

At present, China has initially realized the industrialization of PI, PPA, LCP, PEEK and other varieties, but compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, the industry as a whole is still in the early stage of development, and there are many difficulties in the process of industrialization of some technologies that have yet to be resolved.

In recent years, with the continuous technological and product innovation of relevant enterprises in the industry, the localization of engineering plastics has accelerated. Under the background of enterprises' technological research and development and the downstream application industry of engineering plastics, especially the accelerated development of strategic emerging industries, it is expected that the self-sufficiency rate of raw materials and the production level of engineering plastics products will continue to increase.

In addition, with the increasing requirements for lightweight, high strength, high temperature resistance, shock absorption, and sealing in the fields of automobiles, modern rail transit, and aerospace, high performance may become a key research and development direction for enterprises.

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