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Summary:In 2012, Lafarge, an internationally renowned multinational cement company, learned about Shibang Industry through its own desulfurized stone powder supplier, a

In 2012, Lafarge, an internationally renowned multinational cement company, learned about Shibang Industry through its own desulfurized stone powder supplier, and purchased a complete set of cement plant coal preparation system with a total price of over 20 million from Shibang Industry for use in pulling Faki's cement plant project in Jordan. Although time has passed for a long time, the application of mill equipment in the cement industry and the necessity of coal preparation in the cement industry are still worth learning today.

Company Background

The Lafarge Group was established in France in 1833 and is a world leader in the cement, gypsum board, aggregate and concrete branches. It has 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries. Since 1999, Lafarge has been continuously rated as one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Jordan is located in western Asia and the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders many countries including Palestine, Israel and Syria. It is basically a landlocked country. But unlike Iraq and Palestine, Jordan is not rich in oil resources, and most of its industrial fuel is imported. Before Lafarge's cement plant in Jordan, heavy oil has been used as the raw material for the thermal energy supply of the cement rotary kiln , but the rotary kiln requires a lot of heat energy. For Jordan, which has less oil resources, the cost of oil imports is high, resulting in no competitive advantage in price competition for the cement produced. In order to save costs, Lafarge decided to switch from fuel to coal for heating, which required the use of pulverized coal grinding equipment.

Basic Project Information

Our Story With Customers

At the beginning of May 2012, the customer came to our company for an inspection. Since they used fuel oil for energy before, they were not familiar with the grinding and use of the pulverized coal system. Customers hope that we can not only supply high-quality equipment, but most importantly, we can design complete pulverized coal preparation solutions to help them solve technical problems.

Excellent Business Reception Shows Respect

Initially, due to our inadequate understanding of the customer's information, we recommended the MTW175 European mill to the customer . With communication between both sides of a step by step deeper, we learned a great client-side grinding coal dust and humidity, and the customer wants to achieve product size, production is also subject to change, our technicians recommend to final customers the vertical mill system .

During the signing of the contract, customers visited our company many times. After all, it was a cross-border cooperation and the amount of cooperation was not low. Customers were very cautious in choosing manufacturers. Not only do we take the customer to the State of the World labor industry in the past cases of vertical mill site, and also take clients to the production base to visit the State of the World industrial vertical mill production workshop. In terms of business reception, we are even more meticulous and strictly require us to be considerate and considerate. The client belongs to a Muslim country. One time when he visited Shibang Industrial , it was in Ramadan. Taking into account the religious belief of the other party, the meals we prepared for the client were all cooked in accordance with Muslim eating habits. Customers are also grateful for our sincerity.

However, human favors belong to human favors, and you have to be hard-working when you strike iron. We know that customers are still most concerned about technical issues. Lafarge's requirements for us are always to be level with European standards. To this end, we have been specially invited to cooperate with our institute's experts, the World State engineering engineers together to come up with sincere attitude and professional approach to conquer the customer! During our discussions with customers, also examined the other domestic manufacturers, but in this part of the technology, customers find the world state workers specialized industry is unparalleled, leaving it convinced.

In the end, we officially signed a contract with the customer includes the preparation of the entire pulverized cement production line of complete sets of equipment, and the project uses a total package way, the World State Workers Industry solely responsible for the project's construction and installation sectors.

Project Benefits 

State of the World labor industry has a mature coal preparation technology, professional design capacity, improve equipment supply capacity. Today, the mill equipment used in the cement industry, the World State workers already accumulated sufficient experience and available for customers to visit the site of instances, give customers full of "security."

It has reached long-term cooperative relations with many national design institutes, and has strong scientific research support in all aspects of material analysis, scientific configuration of production lines, and immobilization of various auxiliary equipment of production lines.  

For EPC projects, from project consultation to material experimentation, scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, personnel training, and finally reaching the standard and reaching production, SBM Industrial EPC general contracting service makes every customer more worry-free, and understands the project operation and investment return. .

The feeding, grinding, explosion-proof, hot blast stove, conveying and dust removal systems are all in accordance with the advanced European standards, and have been well received by customers.

PLC intelligent central control system, advanced control mode, comprehensive protection system, intelligent monitoring and maintenance system, high degree of automation. Significantly improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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