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Summary:There are many types of milling equipment on the market, and the models are different. In addition, there are many manufacturers. Therefore, the price of limest

There are many types of milling equipment on the market, and the models are different. In addition, there are many manufacturers. Therefore, the price of limestone mills cannot be generalized. Specific models and specific analysis are required. A commonly used machine for limestone milling equipment is the trapezium mill.

Limestone Trapezium Mill Advantages

1. Less wear on the mill

During work, the grinding roller and the grinding disc do not directly contact, and the grinding roller and the lining plate are made of high-quality materials, so there is less wear, long service life, and low operating cost.

2. High grinding efficiency

The grinding roller is used to crush the ground materials on the grinding disc, and the energy consumption is low. Compared with the ball mill system, the energy consumption is saved by 30% to 40%, and the electricity cost is saved by more than a little.

3. The quality of the finished product is stable

The residence time of the material in the mill is short, reducing repeated milling, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, and easy to stabilize the product quality.

4. High environmental standards

The equipment runs smoothly with little vibration, so the noise is low. The system is hermetically sealed and works under negative pressure. There is no dust spillage, the environment is clean, and the emission standard far exceeds the national standard.

Analysis Of 20 t/h Limestone Milling Project Case

Difficulties In The Project

Project Site Limitations

The customer wants to place the milling equipment in a limited space, which not only needs to consider the maintenance space of the equipment, but also considers the way of incoming and outgoing materials and the transportation of finished products.

Project Duration Is Tight

The client's time limit for this project is as short as possible, time is money. Under the circumstance of tight construction period, high requirements were made for the speed of preparation for shipment, installation and commissioning.

Environmental Protection Must Meet The Standard

Customers are well-known local companies, so they pay special attention to whether the equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and whether it meets national standards.

SBM Solution

In response to the needs and opinions put forward by users, Worldbond engineers gave solutions to satisfy customers in a short period of time after on-site surveys and field visits.

Reasonable Layout To Solve Site Planning Needs

The Shibang project team organized engineers to carry out detailed surveys on the customer's site, and carried out reasonable planning and layout in the space reserved by the customer to solve the customer's site planning needs.

On-time Delivery To Help Rapid Production And Profitability

In order to achieve the speed of production line construction that customers want, after signing the order, Shibang formulates detailed production, ready-to-deliver, basic production and engineer dispatch installation and commissioning plans to ensure that the final delivery is completed on time, so that customers can quickly put into production and profit quickly.

Environmental Protection Intelligence To Ensure Automation

Loading, grinding and finished product transportation and storage are equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to ensure that the production site is clean and environmentally friendly without dust pollution. High degree of automation, equipped with PLC intelligent control cabinet and remote central control system, saving labor costs and simple and fast operation.

Improve Equipment Quality, Reduce Costs And Increase Efficiency

The suspension roller mill used in this project has a service life that is 1.7-2.5 times the life of traditional wear parts; some wear parts adopt a combined design, which can more effectively save the use cost of wear parts and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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