Shibang Machine LM Series Vertical Mill Is The First Choice For Professional Milling System


Summary:LM series vertical mills are designed and developed on the basis of extensively absorbing advanced technologies from well-known international companies and comb

LM series vertical mills are designed and developed on the basis of extensively absorbing advanced technologies from well-known international companies and combining Shibang Machinery (Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.) with more than 30 years of milling equipment production experience. A comprehensive large-scale grinding equipment with five functions, such as grinding, powder selection, drying, and material transportation, has the characteristics of centralized process flow, small area, low investment, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

LM series vertical mills are divided into three types: mineral mill, coal mill, and hard-to-grind. Ore grinding is suitable for the raw material industry in the cement industry; coal grinding can be widely used in the preparation of coal powder in cement, electric power, steel, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industries and other industries; difficult to grind is suitable for grinding slag and water slag in steel and iron plants. It is also suitable for cement clinker and other chemical raw materials.

The First Choice Is Low Comprehensive Investment

It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. The system is simple, the layout is compact, the area is about 50% of the ball mill system, and it can be laid out in the open air, greatly reducing investment costs. The system design is simple and reasonable, saving unnecessary equipment investment and reducing the total equipment investment. 

Secondly, The Operating Cost Is Low; Again, The Cost And Quality Are High

The material stays in the mill for a short time, reducing repeated grinding, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, and it is easy to stabilize the product quality. The grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact, the iron content in the product is very small, and the mechanically worn iron contained in it is easy to remove, which effectively guarantees the whiteness and purity of the product with high standard materials. Using dynamic and static combined high-efficiency powder separator, the rotor speed can be adjusted, the separation efficiency is high, it is suitable for a wide range of materials, and can meet the fineness requirements under different conditions, and greatly guarantee the powder quality of the finished product. 

Finally, The Environmental Protection Standards Are High

The equipment runs problems and the vibration is small, so the noise is low. The system is sealed as a whole and works under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment, and emission standards far exceed national standards.

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