Maintenance Tips For Vertical Roller Mill


Summary:Maintaining your vertical roller mill is key for optimal performance.

Vertical roller mill has entered into the leading level among the international products. It serve three main functions:




As with any piece of processing equipment, maintaining your vertical roller mill is imperative for optimizing its operation and reducing unexpected downtime.

Periodic Inspections Are Key

This scenario could have been avoided with simple routine maintenance inspections. Routine maintenance is key to avoiding unexpected downtime and costly repairs.

Components To Inspect

The grinding roller moves along the horizontal circular trajectory by moving on the grinding disc. The material on the grinding disc is squeezed and sheared by the vertical pressure applied on the grinding roller, and the material can be crushed. Because of frequent contact with materials, regular inspections are required.

The best way to maintain your vertical mill is to follow these four tips:

  1. Inspect the critical wear components and replace them if they are worn or damaged
  2. Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing hydraulic fluid and filters
  3. Check all electrical and hydraulic components for wear or damage at intervals recommended by the manufacturer
  4. Make sure the service platforms are properly guarded and cleared at all times to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel

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