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Summary:Petroleum coke is a product obtained by separating heavy oil from crude oil by distillation, and then converting the heavy oil through a

Introduction Of Petcoke

Petroleum coke is a product obtained by separating heavy oil from crude oil by distillation, and then converting the heavy oil through a thermal cracking process. The main element is carbon, which accounts for more than 80% of the total. It looks like coke in appearance and has no shape. It is regular, different in size, metallic luster, and the particles have a multi-void structure. According to the structure and appearance, petroleum coke products can be divided into four types: needle coke, sponge coke, shot reef and powder coke.

1. Needle coke: With obvious needle-like structure and fiber texture, it is mainly used as high-power and higher-power graphite electrodes in steelmaking.

2. Sponge coke: high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, mainly used in aluminum smelting industry and carbon industry.

3. Shot reef (spherical coke): It is spherical in shape with a diameter of 0.6-30mm. It is generally produced from high-sulfur, high-asphaltene residue and can only be used as industrial fuels such as power generation and cement.

4. Powder coke: It is produced by fluidized coking process, with fine particles (0.1-0.4mm in diameter), high volatile content and high coefficient of thermal expansion, so it cannot be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry.

Application Of Petcoke Powder

Application Field

At present, the main application field of petroleum coke in my country is the electrolytic aluminum industry, which accounts for more than 65% of the total consumption. In addition, carbon, industrial silicon and other smelting industries are also the application fields of petroleum coke. As a fuel, petroleum coke Mainly used in cement, power generation, glass and other industries, the proportion is small, but with the construction of a large number of coking plants in recent years, the output of petroleum coke is bound to continue to expand.

1. The glass industry is an industry with high energy consumption. In the cost of glass, fuel costs account for about 35% to 50%. Glass melting furnaces are equipment with high energy consumption for glass production lines. Petroleum coke powder is used in the glass industry, and the fineness is 200 mesh D90.

2. Once the glass melting furnace is ignited, it cannot be extinguished until the furnace is overhauled (3-5 years). Therefore, it is necessary to continue to refuel to ensure the furnace temperature of thousands of degrees. Therefore, the general milling workshop will have a spare mill. Ensure continuous production.

Key Datas Of Petcoke

HGI Raw moisture(%) Final moisture(%)
>100 ≤6 ≤3
>90 ≤6 ≤3
>80 ≤6 ≤3
>70 ≤6 ≤3
>60 ≤6 ≤3
>40 ≤6 ≤3


1. The grindability parameter of petroleum coke material is a factor that affects the output of the mill. The lower the grindability coefficient, the lower the output;

2. The initial moisture content of the raw materials is generally 6%. If the moisture content of the raw materials is greater than 6%, the dryer or the mill can be designed with hot air to reduce the moisture to increase the output and the quality of the finished product.

SBM Solution

Solution 1: MTW Series European type Raymond mill

Solution 2 : LM Series Vertical Roller Mill

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