Application Of Potassium Feldspar


Summary´╝ÜPotassium feldspar, as an important ore, has been used in papermaking, chemical industry, cosmetics, coatings and other industries.

Potassium feldspar, as an important ore, has been used in papermaking, chemical industry, cosmetics, coatings and other industries. But it has a wide range of applications in the glass, ceramics and potash industries. With the vigorous development of ceramic industry, the large consumption of potash feldspar resources makes the potash feldspar reserves continue to reduce, the cost of mining is increasing, and the domestic high quality potash feldspar is in short supply.

Application Of Potassium Feldspar In Ceramic Industry

1. Potassium feldspar is both a solvent raw material and a poor raw material, reducing the firing temperature in the blank can shorten the drying time of the blank body, and reduce the shrinkage and deformation of the blank body during drying. The amount of potassium feldspar in ceramic industry accounts for about 30% of the total amount of potassium feldspar.

2. Potassium feldspar melts into feldspar glass at high temperature, fills the gap between the particles of the billet body, bonds the particles to make the billet body compact, improves the transparency, and helps improve the mechanical strength of the billet body.

3. feldspar glass is a liquid medium at high temperature, which can promote the dissolution and mutual penetration of quartz and kaolin minerals, and promote the formation and development of mullite crystals.

4. Potassium feldspar contains the main oxides in porcelain billet, so as the main raw material, it can replace other industrial raw materials and reduce the production cost.

The Main Role Of Potassium Feldspar In The Fertilizer Industry 

Potassium feldspar is directly used as a slow - release fertilizer. The silicon and calcium elements in potassium feldspar and potassium elements were used to produce compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer was prepared by coupling reaction of potassium feldspar and its nutrient raw materials.

The Main Role Of Potassium Feldspar In Papermaking Filler

Potassium feldspar has beneficial apparent whiteness and particle size and can be used as filler in paper industry.

Recommendation Of Potassium Feldspar Grinding Equipment

Based on the absorption of advanced technologies of famous international corporations and 30 years' experience in grinding mill production, SBM has launched the LM Vertical Grinding Mill which integrates five functions of crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying and material conveying. It is characterized by centralized technological process, small occupational area, low investment, high efficiency, energy conservation and environment protection.

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