Raymond Mill Is Chosen For Bentonite Milling


Summary:Raymond mill be chosen for bentonite milling has many advantages, Raymond mill is relatively better as bentonite powder making machine.

Bentonite as common non inflammable and explosive materials, and production cost is low, rich in resources, so for flour processing bentonite material choose better grinding plants, after regardless of practice has proved that, of course, is to choose the Raymond mill is relatively better, why do you say so, please see the following detailed analysis of the specific reasons are as follows:

Of course, Raymond mill is chosen for bentonite milling

First, Bentonite Grinding Powder Selection Of Raymond Mill Is Good?

1. The fineness of bentonite material after grinding by Raymond mill can be easily adjusted at about 400 mesh, which can facilitate the production of some high-demand fine powder. It is simple to operate and can meet the production requirements, and reduce the investment cost.

2, Raymond mill sieve rate is several times that of other grinding equipment, can be up to 99.9%, improve the fineness of bentonite materials, at the same time reduce the waste of material resources, increase output.

Two, Bentonite Grinding Powder Selection Raymond Mill Wind Selection Effect?

Bentonite after grinding by Raymond mill fan will be blown into the chassis, blowing powder, after separation of the analyzer on the top of the grinding chamber, some fine again fall into the grinding chamber through the crude bentonite material return to grinding, the fineness of the material can meet the production requirements with the wind into the cyclone collector, after collection by the powder outlet discharge, namely for the finished product;Merry by returning the duct at the top of the big cyclone collector into the fan, the wind road is circular, and negative pressure in a state of flow, circulation wind by the fan air volume increase part of the road with the host in the middle of the exhaust pipe, into the small cyclone collector, purification processing, to ensure Raymond mill powder materials in grinding processing bentonite, reduce the pollution of the environment,In order to meet the production requirements of enterprises at the same time can meet the environmental protection production needs.

Three, Does It Cost Low To Choose Raymond Mill For Bentonite Grinding?

Exactly bentonite powder grinding choose Raymond mill high cost is low, mainly lies in the different Raymond mill powder factory manufacturing high and low cost, at the same time in different areas because of the level of consumption levels not neat, have high cost, low consumption, so for Raymond mill manufacturing cost nature also is differ, compared with the rapid economic development area, whether the equipment material cost,Or labor costs are relatively high, so Raymond mill production input costs will increase, so the price of a given user will naturally increase, of course, some economic consumption level is low in the region, low prices, natural impact of Raymond mill production costs are low.

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