Which Industry Use Limestone As A Raw Material


Summary:Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral. Several main uses of limestone mines are introduced.

Limestone Grinding Powder

Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral. China's limestone mineral resources are abundant, accounting for more than 64% of the world's total reserves, which is a natural resource with advantages. At present, Japan, the United States and other countries have made great achievements in the utilization and deep processing of limestone, with 400 to 500 items. With the entry of foreign high-grade calcium carbonate materials and fillers into the Chinese market, it has promoted the domestic technological progress, accelerated the rapid growth of China's calcium carbonate deep processing varieties, and rapidly developed in the direction of diversification and refinement, expanding more uses. 

Fields Of Application

Limestone is widely used, and the product market prospects are promising, but because limestone is widely distributed in China, there is no local resource advantage to speak of, and it is necessary to rely on strength and other advantages to obtain market share. Therefore, in the face of this resource, when developing applications, we should carefully choose, take the shortest possible process, and improve market competitiveness as simply as possible. 

Comprehensive development status of deep processing of limestone products at home and abroad, which industry use limestone as a raw material, several main uses of limestone mines are introduced.

(1) Production of cast sand for machinery manufacturing. The cast sand produced by limestone has a particle size of 28 ~ 75 mesh, this type of sand has better performance than quartz sand, good collapse, easy to remove sand, improve the surface quality of castings, increase the surface finish of castings, and basically eliminate the harm of silicosis of employees. According to statistics, only major steel companies have to purchase tens of thousands of tons of cast sand every year, which is a potential market for limestone mines in the metallurgical industry.

(2) Used in industrial building materials and coatings and other industries. Limestone powder grinding to 100-200 mesh, can be directly used in the production of double fly powder, putty powder and other industrial building materials powder; It is also the main raw material in the construction of mixing plants and highways. The paint of limestone grinding improves the thixotropy of the system, which can significantly improve the adhesion, brush resistance, stain resistance, improve the strength and surface finish, and has a good anti-settling effect. Partially replace titanium dioxide and reduce costs.

(3) Production of desulfurization absorbent. Limestone grinding to 200-325 mesh instead of raw lime or culvertine, mixed with water in the absorption tower to mix into a slurry, absorption slurry and flue gas contact mixing, sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and calcium carbonate in the slurry and the air into the bulging air for chemical reaction is removed, the final reaction product is gypsum. The desulfurized flue gas is heated and heated up and discharged into the chimney. The process equipment is mature, the desulfurization efficiency is high, and the scope of application is wide.

(4) Used as filler in the production process of plastics and coatings. Natural calcium carbonate minerals, that is, limestone, which are the raw materials for such products, are required to contain CaCO3(dry basis): premium product 9810%, first-class product 9610%, second-class product 9410%, Fe2O3 ≤011%, Mn ≤0102%, Cu ≤01001%, whiteness of more than 90%. In addition, the general average particle size of 400-800 mesh of the ore is used as paint filler, 800-1250 mesh as plastic, rubber, paper filler, 2500 mesh after activation treatment as ink filler.

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