Common Industrial Uses of Coal Gangue


Summary:As a kind of industrial solid waste, coal gangue seriously harms the natural environment, but it is also a secondary resource rich in silicon and aluminum, so i

As a kind of industrial solid waste, coal gangue seriously harms the natural environment, but it is also a secondary resource rich in silicon and aluminum, so it should be used efficiently. In the future, the production of coal industry will develop towards the direction of low cost, low energy consumption and low pollution. The effective treatment and utilization of coal gangue can not only realize the green development of coal industry, but also realize the recycling of secondary resources, which is in line with the concept of modern industrial development. High-value materials such as calcined kaolin, aluminum-based chemical raw materials, building materials, porous ceramics and environmental materials are prepared from coal gangue.

1.Building Bricks Are Prepared From Coal Gangue

Coal gangue itself has a certain plasticity and sintering property, and can be used to produce brick after homogenization, crushing, purification and aging. At present, the most popular use of coal gangue is the production of building bricks, widely used in the area, the production process is mature. Sintered solid brick, permeable brick, porous brick, unburned brick, hollow brick, internal combustion brick, glazed brick, high-grade ceramic tile and so on can be made from coal gangue.

2.Coal Gangue Is Used To Prepare Cement

According to the chemical composition of gangue is similar to that of clay, it can replace clay to provide aluminum silicate material for cement preparation. When coal gangue is used as cement raw material, it can improve the burnability of raw cement material, be beneficial to the stability of thermal system, improve the quality of cement clinker, and also improve the dry shrinkage and stability of cement, reduce the heat of hydration, and improve the performance of sulfate resistance and resistance. Using coal gangue as raw material, we can produce fired cement clinker, fired early strength cement, produced coal gangue cement with little clinker and coal gangue cement without clinker, and grind all kinds of general purpose cement.

3.Preparation Of Environmental Materials From Coal Gangue

The mineral phase composition of gangue is mainly quartz, montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite, and it can be used as a cheap adsorbent after pretreatment.

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