Top 5 Common Lime Uses in Your Daily Life


Summary:The main uses of lime in construction are: 1. Lime milk coating lime and a large amount of water obtained slurry, that is, lime milk. Mainly used for indoor pai

The main uses of lime in construction are: 

1. Lime milk coating lime and a large amount of water obtained slurry, that is, lime milk. Mainly used for indoor painting with low requirements. 

2. Mortar Lime mortar or cement lime mixed mortar can be prepared by using limestone plaster or slaked lime powder for plastering and masonry. 

3. lime soil and tabia after mixing lime powder and clay is called lime soil, and then add sand or stone chips, slag, etc. tabia. Lime and tabia are widely used for foundation of buildings and bedding of roads. 

4. Silicate concrete and its products with lime and siliceous materials (such as quartz sand, fly ash, slag, etc.) as the main raw materials, through grinding, batching, mixing, forming, curing (steam curing or steam curing) and other processes to get artificial stone. Commonly used silicate concrete products are steam curing and pressure curing of various fly ash brick, lime sand brick, block and aerated concrete, etc. 

5. carbonated lime plate will grind lime, fibrous filler (such as glass fiber) or lightweight aggregate and water mixing molding for the blank body, and then through carbon dioxide for artificial carbonization (about 12 ~ 24 hours) and become a kind of lightweight plate. Suitable for non-load-bearing inner partition panels, ceilings, etc. 

Cast lime blocks and powder should be transported and stored under dry conditions, and should not be stored for too long. Long-term storage should be under airtight conditions, and should be moisture-proof, waterproof.

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