The Beneficiation And Purification Of Barite


Summary:1. Physical PurificationThe main methods of physical purification of barite are: hand selection, gravity separation and magnetic separation.The hand selection o

1. Physical Purification

The main methods of physical purification of barite are: hand selection, gravity separation and magnetic separation.

The hand selection of barite processing equipment is mainly based on the difference in color and density between barite and associated minerals, and selects massive barite. The method is simple and easy to implement and does not require equipment, but has low productivity and a large waste of resources.

The gravity separation of barite processing equipment is based on the density difference between barite and associated minerals, and the raw ore is washed, screened, crushed, graded and deslimed, jigged, and separated by shaking table. Before the selection, a hydrocyclone is required. Remove sludge to improve sorting effect.

Magnetic separation of barite processing equipment is often used to remove some iron oxide magnetic minerals such as siderite, as a barite raw material for barium-based medicines requiring very low iron content.

2. Chemical Purification And Whitening

Flotation purification and whitening

Barite processing equipment For sedimentary barite ore and hydrothermal barite ore, the embedded particle size is very small, and the physical impurity removal effect is not good, so flotation is often used. Flotation reagents can be divided into two types: one is anionic collectors based on alkyl sulfonates and fatty acid sulfates; the other is cationic collectors based on higher amine salts. In the barite flotation process, due to the diversity of associated minerals, the use of a single flotation reagent often fails to achieve the expected goal, so a combination of reagents is often used to promote each other and achieve better flotation effect.

Calcination, purification and whitening

The hydrothermal barite will explode due to heat absorption at high temperature, which will volatilize the color-causing organic matter distributed in the barite crystals or gaps.

Extraction, purification and whitening

Pure barite is white and shiny. Due to the different characteristics and quantities of the mixed substances, it will appear light gray, light blue, yellow, pink, brown, light brown, etc. Leaching and purification of barite processing equipment utilizes the difference in surface chemical properties between barite and associated minerals, and removes carbon, iron, manganese, magnesium, nickel and other impurities in the ore through acid (or alkali) leaching, oxidation-reduction. Acid (alkali) leaching treatment is to use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc. (alkali) to react with the metal compound (or SiO2) associated with barite to generate a compound soluble in dilute acid (silicate), and then washed and filtered, Separated from solubles.

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