The Difference And Use Of Vertical Mill And Ball Mill


Summary:The Concept Difference Between One Vertical Grinding And Ball GrindingVertical mill: vertical mill is an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, widely used in ce

The Concept Difference Between One Vertical Grinding And Ball Grinding

Vertical mill: vertical mill is an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading transportation in one, high production efficiency, can be block, granular and powder raw materials grinding into the required powder materials.

Ball mill: the ball mill generally refers to the ball mill. Ball mill is the key equipment for crushing after the material is broken. This type of mill contains a certain number of steel balls as a grinding medium.

Structural Design Of Vertical Mill And Ball Mill

1. Appearance

Ball mill is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, lining plate, warehouse compartment plate, main bearing, feeding and outlet device and transmission system. It is mainly horizontal horizontal, covers a large area.

The vertical mill is mainly composed of the main engine, feeder, grader, blower, pipe device, outgoing hopper, electronic control system, collection system, etc. It is mainly vertical, covering an area of only 50% of the ball mill area.

2. Installation mode

Ball mill installation is using horizontal horizontal installation, high requirements for technical personnel, installation difficulty, and the ground base requirements are also high, the installation cycle is long, covers an area is also very large.

Vertical mill, is the use of vertical vertical installation, less system equipment, compact structure layout, covers a small area, short cycle, convenient installation, the construction cost is also low.

Both installation place in common: can be arranged in the open air.

Processing Technology Of Vertical Mill And Ball Mill

1. Powder grinding process

In the ball mill, the materials are mainly crushed by impact and friction; in the vertical mill, the materials are mainly squeezed, supplemented by grinding. And the material stay time in the vertical mill is 2-3 minutes, while the ball mill takes 15-20 minutes. Therefore, the use of vertical grinding materials, can very well avoid the grinding phenomenon, conducive to the homogenization of products.

2. Dryer ability

When grinding materials with large water, vertical grinding can control the air inlet temperature, and produce a lot of heat in the process of grinding materials, these heat can directly play a drying effect. And the ball mill drying material, the need to connect the external heating device, into the hot air drying material, not only increase the economic cost. It also increases energy consumption.

3. Energy consumption

Under the same power situation, the ball mill has low grinding efficiency and high energy consumption, and compared with the ball mill, the vertical mill has high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, and the power consumption is only 40% -50% of the ball mill.

4. Environmental protection

The vertical mill operates with full negative pressure, small dust, clean and reduce consumption reduction, no dust pollution, and the ball mill is open, large dust, great pollution to the environment.

5. Grinding process

Vertical grinding, mainly for grinding and crushing, so it is more suitable for the field of fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, the whole system grinding interface consumption is small, the service life of the lining is longer;

Ball mill is more suitable for coarse grinding and fine grinding, using the way of impact crushing, so the consumption of grinding interface is very large, making the life of the mill lining is short.

Comprehensive comparison, the vertical grinding advanced grinding technology, to overcome many defects of the ball mill, has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large drying capacity, large allowable grinding material particle size, simple grinding process, small footprint, low civil engineering cost, low noise, small wear, long life, easy operation and other advantages.

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