Take You To Understand The Seven Major Roles Of The Lime Family In Aquaculture


Summary:In aquaculture, quicklime has many functions. In addition to quicklime in the lime family, what else are there? What are the functions of quicklime?1. Quicklime

In aquaculture, quicklime has many functions. In addition to quicklime in the lime family, what else are there? What are the functions of quicklime?

1. Quicklime

Scientific name calcium oxide, irregular lumps, white or off-white, opaque. Hard quality. White powder. Easily soluble in acid, slightly soluble in water. It reacts violently with water and exotherms a lot. Its aqueous solution is strongly alkaline and corrosive.

2. Hydrated lime

Also known as slaked lime, the scientific name is calcium hydroxide, which is often a compound of calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide. White or off-white powder, occasionally lumps, the aqueous solution is alkaline and absorbent.

3. Weathered lime

White or off-white powder, the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline.

Uses of Quicklime

1. Qingtang disinfection

Quicklime varies from 100-1000 jin per mu (the amount is determined by the pH of the soil and the thickness of the bottom mud), and it is dry sprinkled (water reaction after dry sprinkling).

(1) Its heating process can have a strong killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms and even hostile organisms.

(2) It has obvious effect on improving soil pH, total alkalinity and total hardness.

(3) It has oxidation, saponification and mineralization effects on soil organic matter.

2. Disinfection and sterilization

Splashing 50-100 kilograms of water per mu of quicklime can kill bacteria, fungi and some parasites to a certain extent. The suspension is more effective when used in combination with alum, tea bran, and organic acid.

3. Kill wild trash fish

Quicklime 50-100 kg per mu + 20-100 kg tea bran per mu can enhance the fish-killing effect of tea bran (especially dry tea bran).

At the same time, it also has obvious subsequent fertilizer and water effects.

4. Improve the bottom and deodorize

Crush the quicklime to the size of a finger, one mu per catty, once every 3-5 days, and dry it in the evening. It can obviously improve the bottom quality, detoxify and deodorize.

5. Deal with black smell

A large piece of quicklime can be sprinkled on the bottom of the turbo oxygen machine in the evening or in the morning.

It can help alleviate the problems of stealing death, jumping death, sulfide poisoning, and nitrous acid poisoning caused by the black odor of the substrate.

6. Kill harmful algae

One acre of 5 catties, after the water is heated, splashing on cyanobacteria, euglena, dinoflagellate, and water spiders can directly kill harmful algae and water spider ciliates.

7. Lower pH

One acre of 10 catties, after turning the water, splashed the middle area of the pond while it was hot in the middle of the night. This method is to achieve the effect of reducing the pH of the dark green water by killing algae and inhibiting it, provided that it is used in the middle of the night when the algae is aging.

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