Significance Of Ultrafine Vertical Mill For Market Development Of Ground Calcium Carbonate


Summary:With the continuous development of Ground calcium carbonate industry modernization, LUM ultrafine vertical mill can able to adapt to the modern GCC industry

With the continuous development of Ground calcium carbonate industry modernization, ordinary Raymond mill has been unable to adapt to the modern GCC industry scale and refined products, functional development of the market demand. 

Technology and equipment is an important basis for the development of resource processing industry. The technology is constantly upgraded to meet the market demand of large-scale industry of modern heavy calcium carbonate and refined development of its products. 

The LUM ultrafine vertical mill produced by SBM is a new type of equipment which arises at the historic moment under this environment .Compared with the traditional calcium carbonate mill equipment such as Raymond mill, agitator mill, vibration mill, annular roller mill and ball mill, the ultra-fine vertical mill has the advantages of large single machine capacity, reliable operation, large output, stable product quality and low energy consumption (30%-40% energy saving compared with ball mill).

The ultrafine vertical mill can produce ultrafine ultrafine calcium products with lower power consumption during ultrafine processing of heavy calcium. By using the principle of rolling grinding, the particles that can be crushed to the required size can be taken away with the airflow immediately, so as to avoid the over-grinding situation of ball mill and achieve the purpose of energy saving. 

SBM LUM series ultrafine vertical grinder is technology from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, on the basis of LM vertical mill, the development of required to fit the development of GCC industry in China large superfine grinding equipment, broke the ultrafine coarse whiting powder processing capacity bottlenecks, can replace imported equipment, become a large-scale production of superfine GCC powder ideal equipment. Superfine vertical mill of GCC powder is to reverse the current domestic large number of high-priced imported superfine GCC products of important products.

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