What Are The Uses Of Concave And Convex Rod Soil


Summary:Because of its excellent adsorption performance, colloidal performance, carrier performance and reinforcement, etc., after processing and grinding powder treatm

Stick soil is a kind of crystalline hydrated magnesium aluminosilicate mineral, soil, dense mass produced in sedimentary rock and weathered shell, white, white, greenish gray, gray green or weak silk luster. The soil is fine, oil luster, light, brittle, the fracture is shell or uneven shape, strong water absorption. Wet with viscosity and plastic, dry shrinkage, do not produce cracking. Strong water absorption, generally can reach more than 150%, the chemical properties are very stable.

Because of its excellent adsorption performance, colloidal performance, carrier performance and reinforcement, etc., after processing and grinding powder treatment, it is widely used in many fields of chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, agriculture, energy, environment, biology and so on. SBM as a professional production of concave and convex rod soil grinding machine manufacturers, with its professional powder machine equipment and technology to help the advantages of concave and convex rod soil play.

1. Decolating Materials

Barolite can be used in edible oil decolorization and refining, can also be used in beer, juice and other beverage filter agent and clarification agent, not only can decolorize, but also can remove the microorganisms and can adsorb strong carcinogens in vegetable oil-aflatoxin. In the domestic edible soybean oil decolorization agent market, concave rock active clay has accounted for more than 70% of the share.

2. Coating Functional Additives

It can be used as filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer, which has the advantages of good performance and low cost.

3. Functional Packing

concave and convex soil can be used as enhanced active filler for elastomer and polyurethane foam. Use in foam can also improve its compressibility and increase its volume.

4. Building Materials

Rock and other fiber materials together made into mineral cotton sound absorption board, with the functions of fire prevention, decoration, thermal insulation, energy saving, sterilization, sound absorption and air purification.

5. Water Retaining Agent And Water Retaining Multifunctional Fertilizer

It is rich in a large number of trace elements, which can effectively improve soil structure and enhance soil air permeability.

6. Livestock Breeding

The adsorption function of rock clay can adsorb the harmful waste and gas in the captive environment, and the ammonia ions in the fish pond, improve the livestock environment, prevent the water pollution of the fish pond from smelly, and improve the yield of breeding.

7. Atomic Energy Industry And National Defense Industry

Rock clay is a superior carrier of radioactive waste, which can absorb uranium elements, series elements, etc., and is gradually promoted in nuclear power plants.

8. Advanced Materials

Condolite can be used to prepare new electrode materials, battery diaphragm and confined catalyst

In addition to the above uses, the concave and convex rods are also involved in various other industries, with more and more application fields, also known as the "king of a thousand soil", "the land of all uses".

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