What Can High Calcium Stone Powder Do


Summary:(1) Use Of High Calcium Stone Powder Steel PlantDesulfurized limestone powder in steel mills is mainly used by steel mills as stone powder for desulfurization.(

(1) Use Of High Calcium Stone Powder Steel Plant

Desulfurized limestone powder in steel mills is mainly used by steel mills as stone powder for desulfurization.

(2) How Many Meshes Are The High Calcium Stone Powder Used In Power Plants?

Many companies supply 325 mesh high-calcium quicklime powder hydrated lime powder for power plant desulfurization. Due to the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations, power plant steel plants and other enterprises that produce waste gas have higher and higher requirements for lime powder for desulfurization.

(3) Glass Factory High Calcium Stone Powder

High limestone powder to produce glass High limestone powder is the main raw material for glass production. The production glass plant has 400 meshes of limestone powder used for high-calcium desulfurization.

(4) High Calcium Stone Powder Used In Feed Mills

High calcium stone powder is added in feed production, which is mainly used to supplement calcium for animals. The main ingredient is calcium carbonate. The calcium content is more than 38%, the magnesium content is less than 0.5%, and the content of other heavy metals is within the national standard before it can be used as feed. Calcium supplement, its color is white, off-white, gray powder.

High calcium stone mill 80-325 mesh machine can use Raymond mill, pendulum mill or high output vertical mill. The configurator usually selects the corresponding machine type according to the two major indicators of "fineness" and "capacity" in the production of high calcium stone powder. Therefore, please make sure to provide the above two basic indicators before consulting the manufacturer of the high calcium stone mill, otherwise there is no parameter reference for the selection.

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