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Summary:1.Soil AmendmentAttapulgite clay is often referred to as the "soil of a thousand soils". It is rich in various medium and trace elements such as Na, Ca, Fe, Al,

1.Soil Amendment

Attapulgite clay is often referred to as the "soil of a thousand soils". It is rich in various medium and trace elements such as Na, Ca, Fe, Al, etc., which are required for plant growth and development. These medium and trace elements from attapulgite can be very good Make up for the soil's own nutrient shortcomings, and effectively improve the quality and yield of crops. And its unique rod-like crystal structure can disturb the highly aggregated soil structure and effectively improve soil compaction caused by poor water and fertilizer management and other factors.

The large internal and external specific surface area and abundant internal nano-pores of attapulgite ensure good water retention and fertility, and even provide some acid-base buffering properties, while also being able to absorb various chemical substances in the soil that are not conducive to plant growth and development ( Such as heavy metals, etc.), inhibit the activities of harmful microorganisms and reduce the growth and development resistance of plants. After attapulgite adsorbs or grafts some polymer materials, it can self-assemble to form a three-dimensional micro-nano grid structure. Under the joint action of the molecular interpenetrating grid of the polymer material itself, it can greatly improve the adsorption and adsorption of polymer materials. The retention capacity is a very ideal soil amendment.

2.Soil Water Retention Materials

Attapulgite itself has certain structural water and adsorption water, and its excellent adsorption performance and abundant nano-pores enable attapulgite to absorb hundreds or even thousands of times of its own mass of water, and it can often reach hundreds of times the swelling. Magnification. The more hydroxyl groups in the crystal structure of attapulgite also make the attapulgite have high hydrophilic properties. These absorbed water will be gradually released as the soil moisture decreases. In some extreme cases, attapulgite can also release its own pores to absorb water to maintain the soil water content. 

As an excellent water-retaining agent material, attapulgite can not only fully absorb irrigation water and natural precipitation, reduce water leakage and loss, improve water utilization, but also promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve soil pore structure, and increase soil water retention Ability to improve the effective utilization rate of fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, attapulgite has broad application prospects in the field of soil water-retaining agents.

3.Feed Additives

Research on the role of attapulgite in improving animal body function, improving immunity, reducing heavy metal accumulation, etc., is of positive significance for the development of new aquaculture industry.

Attapulgite mainly plays the following roles in feed: 

4.Soil Pollution Restoration

The strong adsorption performance of attapulgite and a large number of internal pores can not only hold soil nutrients, but also adsorb pollutant molecules that cause soil pollution, make them inactive and repair the contaminated soil. A large number of studies have shown that attapulgite adsorbs heavy metals through ion exchange adsorption, ion complexation, electrostatic adsorption, nanopore fixation, and formation of hydroxide micro-precipitation. There are often multiple ways to work together in the adsorption process.

5.Water Pollution Restoration

Attapulgite has good adsorption, high porosity, large specific surface area, active sites on the surface and excellent cation exchange performance. It can adsorb and remove Pb, Ni, Cr, Cu, As, N, P, etc. Most of the polluting elements of attapulgite, and solid attapulgite is very easy to separate solid and liquid after use, and it has great application prospects in repairing water pollution.

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