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Summary:Barite processing plants are used to process barite ore into barium sulfate. Learn more about barite processing equipment and processing technology here!

Barite processing equipment can choose different types of pulverizers according to the processing needs of customers, produce various powder fineness, meet the production needs of the industry, and help barite powder create market value in various industries. Provide one-to-one product service, and reasonably customize the selection and configuration plan according to the processing needs of customers.

How To Choose Barite Processing Equipment

From Barite Powder Production Process, we know that barite processing equipment can be divided into primary processing equipment and deep processing equipment. Barite primary processing equipment generally refers to the beneficiation and collection of barite (barium sulfate) ore, discarding associated waste stones, and making barite (barium sulfate) content increased. The deep processing equipment of barite (barium sulfate) generally refers to grinding powder, which grinds granular barite concentrate into high-fine powder. The barite (barium sulfate) primary selection processing method mentioned here refers to the gravity selection method. As we all know, the specific gravity of barite (barium sulfate) is 4.6, and the specific gravity of its symbiotic gangue is generally 2.6-3.2. There is a serious specific gravity difference. The gravity separation method is based on the specific gravity difference between the ore and the gangue.

How Is Barite Mined

The large barite ore needs to be crushed, and the large ore is broken into small pieces, so that the barite and the waste rock monomer are dissociated. Because the barite is brittle and fragile, the The jaw crusher is generally used in the crushing process. Secondly, the thickness of the crushed barite ore is not uniform. In order to make the particle size of the crushed product reach the optimal particle size for gravity selection, it is often necessary to screen the ore into two grades of 0-8mm and 8-30mm. Do not enter the silo and feeding system. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder ensures the uniform and orderly feeding of materials, so as to achieve the best beneficiation effect, and finally obtain coarse-grained concentrate, fine-grained concentrate and tailings, which are transported to their respective material sites after dehydration.

Grinding Process Of Barite Mineral 

The naturally mined barite materials are sent to the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The elevator is sent to the storage bin, waiting for grinding. After that, the barite material in the storage bin is sent to the barite mill for grinding operation. It must be transported in continuously and evenly to avoid blockage. The barite materials that have been milled should be blown to the powder separator under the action of the blower for sorting, and the two specifications of barite materials will be sorted out, and the materials that meet the requirements will be sent to the storage bin through the pipeline. The output of the discharge valve is the finished powder, and the materials that do not meet the requirements are re-grinded until they are qualified.

Two Processing Technology Of Barite Powder

The outstanding features of high-purity, high-whiteness ultrafine barite are: superior optical properties, good dispersion, and good adsorption. After the barite is crushed, the crystal structure of the mineral is still maintained, and it can be used in paint coatings, rubber, plastics, papermaking, ceramics and other industries instead of titanium dioxide.

1. Dry Processing Technology Of Barite Processing Plant

Barite has low Mohs hardness, high density, good brittleness and easy crushing. At present, the ultrafine grinding of barite mostly adopts dry process, and the commonly used equipments are jet mill, mechanical impact mill, vibration mill and so on.

2. Wet Processing Technology Of Barite Processing Plant

After the wet beneficiation and purification, the ultra-fine pulverization process can be used, and the wet ultra-fine pulverization process can be used. After the powder is pickled, its whiteness and weather resistance can be improved; adding an activator to the peeling sheet can be activated at the same time as ultrafine pulverization.

Advantages Of Barite Grinding Powder Production Line Scheme

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