MTM Trapezium Mill

Product Features: Lower operational & maintenance costs, excellent environmental protection, better quality of finished products

MTM Trapezium Grinder is our company based on years of research and development of industrial milling machines, the introduction of a world-class industrial milling technology, a large number of technical experts and organizations related to the engineering staff has been carefully designed, tested and improved the level of development of the world's leading industrial mill.

MTM Trapezium Mill Design Advantage

MTM trapezium grinder, compared with the traditional mill has unparalleled advantages, a number of national applications mill latest patented technology, innovative design, reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, long operating life, and vulnerability pieces of low cost and high cost. Its technical performance has reached international advanced level class.

  • Low production cost, high performance: The aircraft will be grinding roller and grinding ring designed to be stepped up to reduce the rate of decline between the material into the grinding roller and grinding ring, thus extending the time for the material compacted to improve the crushing effect. Can play a role in the use of pressurized steady pressure spring and damping can play a role in the smooth elastic coupling, the overall force point devices and other products increased by about 40% compared; elastic coupling device is to reduce the vibration and noise, to avoid resonance.

  • Good stability, high reliability: with the powder can improve the accuracy of high-density separator impeller speed under the same circumstances, increase the density of the blade can increase the fineness of the finished product under the same power capacity increased by more than 50% of the finished product . Equipped with high efficiency centrifugal fan, induced draft fan improves efficiency.

  • Product size distribution: the use of an inclined duct, ensure the material into the inlet volute smoothly fall within the mill along the slope. Using convenient impeller adjusting device, making the size of the gap separator end of the blade and the casing can be easily and quickly adjusted.