Raymond Mill, Raymond Grinding Mill Parts Price

Moh's hardness below Grade 7

Moisture below 8%

Non-combustible and non-explosive

Feed size ranging from 40 to 400meshes

From 1906 to today, Raymond mill development than a century, was originally used as a raymond coal mills, continuous development and innovation , has been widely used in various industries. we look over a hundred years Raymond mill history of the development , which has been constantly adapt to a variety of needs, but also because the process is simple, reasonable structure, easy maintenance , which is widely favored by the milling industry , Raymond grinding mill in milling industry is essential.

Raymond Mill Parts

The whole structure of Raymond mill is composed of a host machine, analysis, plumbing, air blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric motors and other components. The host is composed of a frame, Raymond mill inlet volute, blade, grinding, grinding ring, a cover casing and a motor.

1.Plum Frame

Plum frame is one of the main parts of Raymond mill, it is an important component of the internal structure of supporting a whole host of. heavy industry production plum frame of advanced technology, the use of high hardness, good abrasion resistance material, such as the hard nickel cast iron, high chromium cast iron, medium manganese ductile iron. In addition to material, plum, aircraft manufacturing and processing method of Raymond mill is also very important, such as hard nickel iron metal mold centrifugal casting roll sleeve or, hardness is 700HB, sand casting of 500HB. Roller connecting place is the plum frame. Plum frame below is the blade cylinder, blade cylinder in the plum frame is fixed, there is a big force bearing below mill host, so the grinder spindle can not fall, plum frame in the spindle with safety nut.

2.Grinding Ring

Grinding ring is directly in contact with the material parts, grinding ring heavy industry production of Raymond Mill in general there are two main kinds of material:

The 65Mn: grinding ring in the use of this material, the durability is improved obviously. It is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance, magnetic. Mainly used for product in powder processing of iron. The product after normalizing and tempering heat treatment, mechanical performance is improved greatly, make the product not only has good wear resistance, but also greatly improve the toughness.

The Mn13: compared with 65Mn, the grinding ring in the Mn13 material after casting, in life has changed. After the pouring of water toughening treatment. Water toughening treatment after casting with tensile strength, toughness, high plasticity and no magnetism. The grinding ring is more durable. Subject to severe shock and strong pressure deformation in the using process, surface hardening, and martensite formation, thus forming the wear surface layer high, while the inner layer to maintain excellent toughness, even wear very thin, can bear a larger impact load.

3.Grinding Roller

Raymond mill host another vulnerability is grinding roller, under normal circumstances, Raymond mill for grinding roller in use for some time, this according to customer's materials, frequency of use and other factors to determine whether the operation. To limestone as an example, if the same operating conditions, the quality of the grinding roller but hard, then there will be excessive wear, the service life is greatly reduced. As a result, mill roll material is also one of the most important factor in deciding the quality of equipment manufacturers of Raymond mill.

Raymond Mill Working Principle

The whole working process of Raymond Mill (the process of grinding material): the bulk materials by jaw crusher to desired size, by the elevator will be material to the hopper, the vibrating feeder evenly and quantitatively and continuously into the indoor host grinding grinding, grinding after the powder is fan airflow. Through the analysis of machine grading, fineness of powder will meet with the gas flow through the pipe into the large cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, then powder tube is finished powder. The airflow from large cyclone collector inhalation top return air duct blower. The air current of the whole system is a closed loop, and circulation in the flow of positive and negative pressure condition.

In the grinding chamber internal grinding material with certain water content, the grinding heat generated in grinding chamber gas evaporation changes the gas flow rate, and the pipeline connection is not tight outside the gas is inhaled, the circulating air volume increase, is this by adjusting the fan with the host legacy of pipe to flow balance, and the gas into the small cyclone collector excess, the fine powder gas into the collection down, then the cyclone collector upper exhaust pipe into the atmosphere, or into the dust collector with the exhaust gas purification.

Raymond Mill Features And Advantages

The grinding roller grinding ring made of wear-resistant alloy material has a service life of 1.7-2.5 times that of traditional wear parts, which can more effectively save the cost of wear parts.

Impulse dust removal equipment is configured for loading, grinding, finished product transportation and storage, to ensure that the production site is clean and environmentally friendly, and there is no dust pollution.

After signing the order, formulate detailed plans for production, preparation and delivery, basic production, and engineer dispatch, installation and commissioning, to ensure that the entire link is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, and the final delivery is guaranteed.

Raymond Mill Price

In general, the price of a Raymond mill will be affected by several factors. One important factor is the size and capacity of the mill. Larger mills with a higher capacity will typically be more expensive than smaller mills with a lower capacity. The type of material being ground can also affect the price of a Raymond mill. For example, mills that are designed to grind harder materials will typically be more expensive than those designed to grind softer materials.

In addition to size and capacity, the specific features and capabilities of a Raymond mill can also affect its price. For example, mills with advanced control systems and multiple grinding settings may be more expensive than those with simpler designs and fewer features. Other factors that can impact the price of a Raymond mill include the location of the mill and any additional services or accessories that are included with the purchase.

Overall, the price of a Raymond mill can vary depending on a number of factors. When considering the purchase of a Raymond mill, it is important to carefully evaluate these factors and consult with a supplier or manufacturer to determine the most cost-effective option for your specific needs.

Raymond Mill Parameters

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