SCM Ultrafine Mill

It is the crystallization of the Swiss advanced technology, is commanding the latest world trends mill products.

SCM ultrafine mill is based on the needs of users, absorbing domestic and foreign manufacturers of ultra-fine powder machine advantages, after full investigation, research, testing 12 kinds of ultrafine powder machine and horizontal hammer mill grinding machine, through repeated research and testing and the development of efficient low-cost ultra-fine powder processing equipment, production of ultra-fine powder reliable Head 2500, a large number of ultra-fine powder processing to provide a choice.

Ultrafine Mill Advantage

SCM ultrafine mill is mainly for various ore processing, product size between 20-2500 mesh arbitrary regulation, high output, stable performance has limestone powder production line for many successful investors a full range of limestone mill production line. For the economic benefits of the customer to provide a guarantee, mill equipment is the best choice for buyers. In addition, I have a stone in the grinding aspects of their professional grinding equipment, stone is a low-carbon green energy industry, a low impact on the environment, can be recycled within the enterprise.

  • Efficient In the fineness and the same power of the motor, higher than 40% of the jet mill and mixing mill production.high degree of wearing parts utilization of materials and finished products in the same situation fineness than the impact crusher and turbine crusher wear parts and long service life, generally up to one year.

  • high security and reliability. Due to grinding chamber without rolling, no screws, bearings and seals so the problem does not exist vulnerability, there is no screw loosening and destruction of machine problems.

  • Pulse dust and reduce the use of ultra-fine powder machine dust and noise pollution, meet the national environmental standards, the surrounding environment has played a role in environmental protection.