Fertilizer Grinding Project In China

Project Background

The customer specifically produces monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, glucose, corn oil, xanthan gum, organic fertilizers, etc. This time they purchased our company's milling machine to produce organic fertilizers. Previously, they purchased a milling machine from a peer company and operated more than 3 In September, not only did the output fail to meet the promised standard, but also the equipment frequently failed. In a more serious case, the cloth bag collected the finished product caused spontaneous combustion due to the high temperature! With the lessons learned from the past, when customers buy a mill again, they resolutely no longer consider the equipment manufacturer they purchased last time. After many consultations and investigations, this time, the customer chose the SBM Group's mill. Since it was put into operation in March, the output has reached the standard and the equipment has been operating stably, which has been well received by customers.


Design Scheme

Project Benefits

Implement customized solutions according to the customer's own situation. Due to the particularity of the material, the ideal temperature in the production process can reach more than 200 degrees, which places high requirements on the high temperature resistance of the equipment. SBM Group fully considers the customer's own conditions, adopts materials with better high temperature resistance for the important parts of the mill, carefully selects them, and adopts high temperature and corrosion resistant customized solutions for the dust removal equipment. From the start of production to the present, the equipment has been operating stably, and the output has reached the standard, exceeding customer expectations.

The transmission device of the main machine of the mill adopts a bevel gear integral transmission, which is stable in transmission and reliable in rotation; the main shaft, fan, and the bearing parts of the powder concentrator are all equipped with a thin oil lubrication device, which is stable and reliable in lubrication and easy to maintain.

The design scheme is adapted to local conditions, the layout of the entire production site is compact and reasonable, and the production line is smooth and simple.

The production site is equipped with dust removal equipment, which is green and environmentally friendly. It meets the national high-standard environmental protection requirements, and realizes the dual combination of economic and environmental benefits.

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