Ningxia Produces 8 Tons Of Anthracite Grinding Line

Project Background

This customer is one of the important manufacturers in the domestic activated carbon industry, mainly engaged in activated carbon and activated coke. Because the customer needs to expand the production scale, the equipment used in the early stage has the disadvantages of low output per unit, frequent replacement of wearing parts and frequent equipment maintenance, poor environmental protection effect, low degree of automation, etc., which are not suitable for the current planned production needs, so the vertical grinding production line was changed. , To meet the needs of the client company's leapfrog development. After the company's professional technicians inspected and compared multiple vertical mill manufacturers in the market, they finally selected the vertical mill production line of Shibang Group.

Production Line Design

Project Benefits

1. Large output per hour of equipment. The output of smaller coal mills can be maintained at more than 6 tons per hour, and the output of larger vertical mills can reach more than 20 tons per hour.

2. Small footprint. The LM vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. The system equipment has a compact layout and can be deployed in the open air. LM vertical mill uses hot gas to transport materials, which can eliminate the need for a drying system. Therefore, materials with a moisture content of up to 15% can be dried in the mill, and the inlet air temperature can be controlled to make the product reach the final moisture. Claim. 

3. Low operating cost. The LM vertical mill has a reasonable structure and adopts the principle of bed grinding, so the grinding efficiency is high. At the same time, hydraulic pressure is used to apply pressure to the grinding roller, and the hydraulic system is equipped with an accumulator, so that the equipment has the characteristics of continuously adjustable and stable pressure and low vibration when the mill is running, so the grinding quality is effective and reliable, and the output is stable.

4. The replacement cycle of wearing parts is long and the replacement is convenient and quick. The grinding roller of the LM vertical mill is made of high-quality materials. The grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in contact with each other during work, and the wear is less. The normal replacement cycle of the grinding roller and grinding disc is about 7200 hours. Through the maintenance of the oil cylinder, the roller sleeve and the liner can be replaced quickly and conveniently, which greatly reduces the shutdown loss and makes the maintenance simple.

5. Low noise and less dust. The noise of the LM vertical mill is only 80-85dB (A sound level), and it adopts a fully sealed system. The system works under negative pressure without dust flying. The final product is collected by a professional pulse collector for pulverized coal, the collection efficiency can reach 99.99%, and the exhaust gas emission concentration can be lower than 10mg, which fully meets the environmental protection emission standard. Dust leakage points are equipped with high-efficiency pulse collectors for dust removal treatment, which can effectively prevent dust leakage.

6. High degree of automation, fully automated operation. Equipped with thin oil station and hydraulic station, it can operate continuously for a long time without failure.

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