Micro Size Grinding Mill Machine

Micro Size Grinding Mill Machine

Fine Mineral Grinding Technology

The mineral mining industry is slow to accept new concept in the past, so it is taken as conservative. Because of this, the majority of crushing and grinding plant applied today is invented in 18th century.

Following flotation separation technology are used in the mineral processing industry. Stirred grinding technology and grinding mill relatively then. The micro size grinding mill machine has been preferred choice for fine grinding operation.

Micro Grinding for Mineral Processing

Fine grinding standards are different according to different industry and production requirements. As for mining indudstry, depending on the methods of separation operation, such as gravity, magnetic and flotation etc., the size of fine powders range from below 1mm to 10um. In mineral processing, several grinding stage can be categorized based on the size of the grinding materials. Traditionally, grinding to 80% passing 75um is defined asa conventional since amany operations grind to this size. Regrinding is to produce the micro size of fine powders down to 30um. The energy consumption in grinding mill rises sharply for grinding materials into micro size particles.

Micro Size Grinding Mill Machine

Micro size grinding mill machines are widely applied in many different industrial applications, such as chemical, electric power, metallurgy, ceramic etc. It is available with several different models. SCM ultrafine mill and T130X reinforced ultrafine mill are grinding plants from SBM, they are both used as micro size grinding mill machine. Reinforce ultrafine mill is a new facility designed by SBM expert basing on statistical analysis and a large number of suggestions from users and the innovative design of the super pressure trapezoidal mill. It has superseded and optimized in the structural characteristics of trapezoidal MTM mill, and it also forms its own unique characteristics. If you are interested, please contact us for detailed information.

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