Raymond Mill for Marble Powder Processing

Marble powder processing is relatively special, generally in accordance with customer requirements for processing and production. Therefore, Raymond mill is required to have great flexibility in marble processing production line.

Marble Powder Processing Plant

The marble powder processing industry has developed rapidly and become a hot spot in the micro-powder industry. Marble powder processing is special, generally according to customer requirements for processing, Raymond mill can process various fineness marble powder to meet user needs. 

Marble powder is processed from calcite and rock by dry or wet grinding. The mass fraction of marble processed by raymond mill in our factory ranges from 0.9 to 0.98. It is mainly used as filler in the rubber industry and also as a coloring agent, isolating agent and demoulding agent. 


Raymond Mill For Marble Processing

Raymond mill for marble powder processing has made a brand-new improvement in mechanical quality, performance, grinding fineness and output. The fineness of Raymond mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 250 meshes and 3500 meshes.


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