Raymond Mill Scale Board

Raymond mill, with high efficiency and large capacity and relatively low price, is very popular among customers. Scale board is one of the important spare parts of Raymond mill. In this article, we focus on the introduction about scale board in Raymond mill.

Raymond Mill Scale Board

What Is The Function Of Scale Board?

Since scale board plays important role in Raymond mill, then what is its function? Generally speaking, scale board is used to protect the Raymond mill. In the grinding process of Raymond mill, scale board is used to protect the cylinder to avoid the direct impact and friction of grinding media and raw materials. At the same time, we can adjust the motion state of grinding media through different types of scale boards to strengthen the grinding effect, improving the grinding efficiency and capacity and reducing the metal consumption.

How Many Types Of Scale Boards Are There?

Actually, there are many types of scale boards that can be used for various grinding mills. In the following part, we mainly introduce the types of scale boards.

Flat scale board: this type of scale board is generally used for fine grinding cavity. And the lifted height of grinding media is decided by the static friction coefficient among the flat scale boards.

Layer scale board: layer scale board is used for the primary grinding cavity. And it can lift the grinding media into high height, making it has relatively large impact energy.

Rib scale board: rib scale board is like layer scale board, making the grinding media gets larger impact energy.

Corrugated scale board: this type of scale board is generally used in rod mill or ball mill.

Grading scale board: this type of scale board can make the grinding balls in ball mill classified automatically.


Scale board is important in Raymond mill, and at the same time, it is also one of the wear-resistant parts in Raymond mill. So customers should maintain the scale board regularly. Once find problem or severe damage, operators should change the scale board timely to avoid damage of the main body. Besides, while installing the scale board, attention that we should smear a layer of ore pulp between the scale board and inner wall of cylinder.

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Raymond Mill Scale Board

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