SBM Solution On Slag Powder Production

Introduction Of Background

With the expansion of industrial production scale, the discharge of slag, water slag, fly ash, etc. is showing an upward trend. The large amount of industrial solid waste discharge will damage the harsh environment. What is the current shape of the eyeball and adopt technical means to improve the industry The comprehensive recycling efficiency of solid waste, turning industrial waste into valuables, creating due value, has become a new treasure in the national economy, and a production priority for the construction of factories.

1. Slag: It is an industrial anhydrous raw material reduced in the ironmaking process. It is a material with "potentially basic hardness", that is, the hydraulicity when it exists alone. It is used in activators (lime, clinker powder, alkalis) Under the action of gypsum, etc., it exhibits hydraulic properties.

2. Water slag: When iron and steel companies smelt pig iron, water slag is the product that leaves the blast furnace after melting the non-ferrous components in the iron furnace, coke, and ash in the injection coal, and mainly includes the slag pool water smelting and smelting. The water quenching method in front of the chemical furnace is an excellent raw material for cement.

3. Fly ash: Fly ash is fine ash collected from the gas after coal combustion. Fly ash is the main pulverized coal waste of coal-fired power plants. With the development of the power industry, the development of coal power plants has increased the discharge of fly ash year by year, becoming one of the current industrial waste residues.

Uses Of Slag Type Material

1. Application of slag: as a raw material to produce Portland slag cement; it can be used to produce slag bricks and wet-rolled slag concrete products; it can produce slag concrete; it can be used to prepare slag crushed stone concrete; the application of expanded slag and expanded beads. Expanded slag is mainly used for light Aggregate to make lightweight concrete.

2. Application of water slag: it can be used as a cement mixture, or it can be made into cement without clinker; as a mineral admixture for concrete, water slag powder can be used as a mineral admixture for concrete, which can be directly mixed into commercial concrete instead of cement in equivalent amount

3. Fly ash application: Fly ash is mainly produced in coal-fired power plants and has become a large single pollution source of industrial solid waste. It is urgent to increase the utilization rate of fly ash. At present, in terms of the comprehensive utilization of fly ash at home and abroad, the application technology of fly ash in building materials, construction, roads, filling and agricultural production is relatively mature. The use of fly ash can produce a variety of building materials and products. Production of fly ash cement and fly ash concrete. In addition, fly ash has high application value in many fields such as agriculture and animal husbandry, environmental protection, flue gas desulfurization, engineering filling, recycling and utilization.

SBM Solution

Mill recommendation

Powder fineness range 80-325 mesh
Mill recommendation  LM series vertical roller mill

Remarks: Choose different types of hosts according to the output and fineness requirements.

The First Stage: Drying Of Raw Materials

According to the moisture content of the raw materials and the moisture content requirements of the finished product, the slag is dried by a dryer for materials with higher moisture to remove moisture. Materials with low moisture content can be treated with hot air to the mill through a hot blast stove. Through the process of grinding and drying while grinding, the equipment investment cost and operating energy cost of the dryer can be reduced.

The Second Stage: Milling

The dried slag pieces are sent to the raw material hopper by the elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill evenly and quantitatively by the conveying feeder for grinding.

The Third Stage: Classification

The ground material is classified by the classification system, and the unqualified powder is classified by the classifier and returned to the main engine for re-grinding.

The Fourth Stage: The Collection Of Finished Products

The powder that meets the fineness is separated and collected in the dust collector through the pipeline with the airflow. The collected finished powder is sent to the finished product silo through the discharge port by the conveying device, and then uniformly loaded by the powder tanker.

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