Sintered Bauxite Raymond Mill

Sintered Bauxite Raymond Mill

Sintered Bauxite Raymond Mill

The main component of bauxite is alumina, sintered bauxite can be used in aluminum smelting industry, abrasive materials, aluminum compounds etc.. Bauxite by milling machine into fine powder, is high-grade refractory materials, used in military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment department.

We according to the nature of the alumina material developed a series of sintered bauxite grinding mill, sintered bauxite Raymond mill, sintered bauxite vertical mill, that both can be used to grinding bauxite. But the sintered bauxite Raymond mill production finished powder fineness uniformity through screening rate of 99% and milling machine is an important component of the use of high quality steel, wear resistant parts are used, high performance, anti-wear materials, machine wear resistance of high, reliable operation.

Sintered bauxite Raymond mill performance characteristics

Sintered bauxite Raymond mill in mineral industry application is very extensive, it has stable performance, wide application range, simple structure, convenient operation, high processing capacity, energy-saving environmental protection, and a series of advantages, belonging to the grinding of high-tech products. Its performance characteristics are:

working process of Sintered Bauxite raymond mill

Sintered Bauxite raymond mill working process is the result of the primary crusher, conveyor and conveyor to the next link, after dressing machine processing, after grinding machine grinding, finished product materials. In the whole process of the bauxite with low hardness of good material properties and loss of the crusher, milling machine is very small.

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