The History Of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a grinding mill from abroad. Raymond mill looks like an upright steel container in shape, with the air inlet, air outlet and feed inlet in the middle.

In 1906 C.V.Grueber created Curt Von Grueber machinery manufacturing factory in the south of Berlin City. He produced the first Maxecon grinding mill with using him granted patents in America. Afterwards, the Maxecon mill was used as a coal grinding equipment for BEWAG MOABIT power plant in Berlin. Its grinding energy was up to 5T/H. Within a few years, the Maxecon mill sold nearly 600 units, and they were applied to the different grinding industries.

raymond mill history

E.C.Loesche became a shareholder and in charge of the Curt Von Grueber machinery manufacturing factory. Then, it decided to buy the Raymond centrifugal ring roll patents, and produced the first generation of Raymond mill system. However, because the grinding force (centrifugal force) of grinding roller was limited by grinding roller diameter and speed limits, the mill was applied to soft, low ash content and easy to wear materials. While the coal in Germany is much harder, and ash content is high, it needed higher grinding force. The structure of Raymond mill is difficult to meet the requirements of the coal grinding, so it was not popularity in Germany.

In 1925, E.C.Loesche summarized the characteristic and structure disadvantages of the first generation Raymond coal mill, and decided to improve grinding structure of Raymond mill. Afterwards, he created a mill whose working principle is opposite to the Raymond mill, called called the improved Raymond mill. The ventilation of improved Raymond Mill System had positive and negative pressure blowing straight in two ways. This type of Raymond grinding patent was soon purchased by USA Combustion Engineering Company (Combustion Engineering).

Later, the Raymond branch of American Combustion Engineering developed a new generation of Raymond mill, known as the VR mill. The structure of Raymond Mill was similar with Loesche mill in many aspects.Notably, it is different from the Loesche mill’s cone grinding roller and the plane grinding. It used the grinding plane with 15 degree angle and cylindrical grinding roller.Grinding roller had the protective device in inspection and repair, to prevent metal to metal contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Also, before the mill grinding roller starting up, this can reduce the starting torque of the motor. Raymond Mill in USA industrial applications, was usually used in the preparation of pulverized coal. The fineness of product changed between 250 ~ 325mesh, which can be adjusted the work product fineness and yield during operation.

Since May 31, l995, the first time to named after Raymond mill for the patent, it has been nearly fifteen years of history. With many years development and improvement, types and models of Raymond mill is also more and more. It received a lot of high praise by the user's praise. Raymond mill occupies a very important position in the crushing equipment.

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