Ultrafine Mill For Talc Powder Production

Ultrafine mill is a very important industrial grinding equipment. It can be used in grinding production of many kinds of materials. Talc belongs to materials with Mohs hardness lower than grade 6. 

The Specific Applications Of Talc

Talc powder can be used in many industries. The specific applications are as follows:Talc can be added to cosmetics production to moisturize skin. Talc powder is often added to some moisturizers, cosmetic powder, and talcum powder. In the production of various industrial coatings, such as water-based, oil-based and resin, talc powder will also be added. 

Talc is ground into white or white-like powder by ultrafine mill, and then processed to a certain extent, it can be used in some industrial production. Talc powder has some physical properties, such as greasy, tasteless, insoluble in water and so on.It can be used in the production of radio ceramics, industrial ceramics, building ceramics, ceramics, and enamels. 

Ultrafine Mill In Talc Production

The application field of the ultra-fine mill produced is also determined according to the scope of its application materials. Because of its wide range of applicable materials, it can also be applied in a wide range of fields.

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