Fly Ash Uses And Grinding Mill For Sale

With the emphasis on environmental protection increasingly , the use of fly ash in industrial production is increasingly mentioned , vertical milling machine that used for the processing of fly ash has been widely used .

Uses Of Fly Ash

1. Fly ash can be used as cement, mortar, concrete admixture, and become a component of cement, concrete, fly ash as raw material instead of clay production of cement clinker raw material, manufacturing sintered brick, autoclaved aerated concrete, foam concrete, hollow brick, sintered or non-sintered ceramsite, paving roads;

2. Build DAMS, build ports, cropland pits and lowlands, coal mine subsidence areas and mine backfill;

3. Can also be separated from drift beads, beads, iron powder, carbon, aluminum and other useful substances, which drift beads, beads can be used as insulation materials, refractory materials, plastic, rubber filler.

Composition And Main Source Of Fly Ash

According to the morphology of fly ash particles, fly ash particles can be divided into: glass beads; The cavernous vitreous body (including the vitreous body with smaller particles, more compact and small pores and the vitreous body with larger particles and loose and porous ones);

The content of microbeads in coal fly ash emitted in Chinese power plants is not high, most of which is a spongy glass body, and the particles distribution is not uniform.

The main sources of fly ash are coal-fired power plants and urban central heating boilers fueled by pulverized coal, of which more than 90% are wet ash discharge, lower activity than dry ash, and water and electricity consumption, pollution to the environment, is not conducive to comprehensive utilization. In order to better protect the environment and facilitate the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, taking into account the maturity of dust removal and dry ash transportation technology, dry ash collection has become the development trend of fly ash collection in the future.

Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Vertical milling machine Main features include: investment costs low ; low operating costs ; strong drying capacity ; simple, reliable operation ; stable product quality ; easy maintenance ; safety, environmental protection , to meet national environmental requirements. Currently, it has demonstrated the ability of vertical milling machine in Fly ash processing industry to use actual, It has been the milling experts in Fly ash processing industry !

In the process of use fly ash , the fineness of fly ash has a certain influence on the formation of intensity , the finer ash particles , the higher the intensity . So Fly milling machining process, select a milling fineness , high performance is critical mill. Our company developed the production of vertical milling machine has been put on the market since the mill , good milling performance to win a strong recognition of our customers, vertical grinding mill is the use of large-scale roll system to achieve high-volume grinding of materials handling equipment , and its compared with the ordinary mill 's strengths is that large-scale equipment and automated operations.

LM vertical grinding mill used in the processing of fly ash powder vertical milling machine is mainly used for fly ash ultrafine powder processing, powder processed through the ash can be secondary combustion , some containing metal elements the ash can be spun off , greatly contributed to the re-use of fly ash .

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