Potash Feldspar Uses And Grinding Processing Equipment

What Is The Potash Feldspar

Potash feldspar is a common type of calcium and potassium aluminum silicate minerals. The proportion of feldspar in the earth's crust is up to 60%, which can occur in igneous rock, metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock. Potash feldspar is the main mineral component of almost all igneous rocks, and it has important significance for the classification of rocks. Most of the potash feldspar crystals are in the shape of a plate or a plate with an extension of a crystal axis. Feldspar common milk white, but often due to the presence of impurities was dyed yellow, brown, pink, gray and other colors, some still can have beautiful change color or iridescence.

Potash Feldspar Used In Various Industries

Potash feldspar minerals in addition to the industrial raw materials, in the ceramic industry accounted for more than 30%, but also widely used in other industries, such as chemical industry.

Potash Feldspar Processing Equipment Manufacturer

We are a special potash feldspar processing equipment manufacturer, we according to the actual needs of customers to provide a full set of potash feldspar processing plant equipment. Our long-term commitment to feldspar processing technology research and development, and constantly develop high price of feldspar processing quality of products, new processing technology, the design process, can greatly enhance your mining investment returns, reasonable prices, quality service is premise and your sincere cooperation.
Potash Feldspar Processing Plan

The performance advantages of our potash feldspar processing technology:


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