Main Use Of Manganese Ore Powder


Summary:Manganese ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry and chemical industry in crushing and grinding equipment.First, In Terms Of MetallurgyManganese is an ind

Manganese ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry and chemical industry in crushing and grinding equipment.

First, In Terms Of Metallurgy

Manganese is an indispensable raw material in the iron and steel industry. Manganese is an extremely strong reducing agent that absorbs all of the oxygen from the steel water, leaving the steel without iron oxide and becoming a nonporous ingot. Manganese is also an excellent sulfur removal agent, it can remove all the sulfur in the water of steel, adding a small amount of manganese in the steel can greatly increase the mechanical properties of steel, such as ductility, extension, toughness and anti-wear ability. Manganese steel, iron manganese and manganese and copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other alloys and manganese compounds made in great industrial use.

1. In Black Metallurgy

Standard iron manganese can be smelted with excellent manganese ore containing iron. Iron manganese is an additional material for the production of special steel, but also can smelting a small amount of silicon manganese. Silicon and manganese is very useful for smelting some kinds of steel;

2. In The Non-ferrous Metallurgy Industry

The alloy of manganese and copper can make anticorrosive metal reservoirs. Manganese bronze alloy can be used as ship equipment. Manganese aluminum alloy has a great use in the aviation industry. Manganese, nickel and copper alloy can make a standard resistance wire.

Second, In The Chemical Industry

Manganese dioxide (soft manganese ore) can be used as a negative agent in the manufacturing of dry batteries, and the paint desiccant can be manufactured in the chemical industry. It can also make black decorative glass and decorative brick and pottery glaze color. Can also be a variety of manganese compounds, such as manganese sulfate, manganese chloride, potassium permanganate, etc.

Why Is The Manganese Ore Ground Into Powder

The purpose of crushing manganese ore is to make 100~160 particles (MnO2) from 100 particles to prepare potassium permanganate. Because the more sufficient the contact between the reactants, the faster the reaction rate is, and the more thorough the transformation is, so the purpose of permanganite crushing is to increase the contact area of the reactants, accelerate the reaction rate, and make the reactant conversion more thorough.

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