White Cement Production Line

Cement clinker is the important material used in modern building industry. The white cement production line is needed urgently in India. According to the detailed production requirements, SBM provides our clients with new and second hand cement grinding mills for sale.

Where to Buy Second Hand white cement production line?

No matter the new white cement production line grinding mill or the second hand cement mill machine, SBM can provide the required cement grinding mills for our clients. In order to have a good understanding of cement grinding mill work, SBM here introduces the detailed working stage of second hand white cement production line for you all.

White Cement Production Line

In two-compartment cement mills, the first, coarse grinding compartment is provided with a step lining that is suitable for large grinding media and ensures optimum lifting of the mill charge. The shell lining in the second compartment or in a one-compartment cement mill is a corrugated lining designed to obtain maximum power absorption and grinding efficiency.

Largest ball mill white Cement production line

SBM’s ball mill is a large scale grinding mill and it is used as the cement grinding mill. The mill has been recently installed and is expected to enhance plant throughput at the plant, which encounters harder sections of the cement body.

The cement ball mill can operate in either open or closed circuit and with or without a pre-grinder to achieve maximum over all grinding efficiency and high flexibility in terms of end product quality. This mill machine used in India consists of standard modules an can be adapted to specific requirements in terms of plant layout, mill drive, lining types and end production specifications, as required.

white Cement production Vertical Grinding Mill

SBM’s innovative compact plant design for white cement production line is one of the important reasons for our clients to choose a second hand cement vertical grinding mill for cement grinding. This compact plant design eliminates the necessity for a large and expensive mill building, leading to massive savings in required plant plot, in cost for structural steel-works and civil works as well as in erection time.

For such advantages, SBM’s new and used cement vertical grinding mill for sale is welcomed by our clients.

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