4 Top Uses Of Tailings In Mining Industry


Summary:For the use of tailings, many people know that they can be used to produce recycled sand and gravel aggregate, but they don't know much about other uses. He

For the use of tailings, many people know that they can be used to produce recycled sand and gravel aggregate, but they don't know much about other uses. Here share 4 uses of tailings.

1. Sand Aggregate

Gravel aggregate is the largest, indispensable and irreplaceable basic material for the construction of infrastructure projects such as buildings, roads and bridges. However, sand and gravel aggregates are non renewable resources, and thousands of years of mining has caused great damage to the earth's environment. In the long-term mining and production process, a large number of waste rocks and tailings are produced. These tailings resources can completely or partially replace sand and gravel aggregates.

Generally speaking, limestone, fine sandstone, quartzite, granite with relatively fine crystallization, diorite, gneiss and basalt are suitable for aggregate. The concrete of some airport runways also requires basalt as aggregate, which is related to the highest strength of basalt in natural rock. The chemical composition of rock can not be ignored, mainly to prevent alkali aggregate reaction.

2. Using Waste Rock As Railway Ballast

The requirement for railway ballast is that it is not fragile under vibration pressure. Of course, rocks with schistosity or bedding are not suitable for railway ballast, while limestone and basalt are more suitable for railway ballast.

3. Basic Raw Materials Of Cement

The basic raw materials of cement are limestone and clay ore. Limestone, clay rock and shale are common waste rocks in mines. In addition, tailings containing corresponding components can also be used as basic raw materials. It should be noted that for the utilization of limestone and clay rock, do not just mechanically copy the grade index requirements in the previous specifications.

4. Tailings Reselection: Recover Valuable Components From Tailings

Carrying out tailings re concentration is an important measure to improve resource utilization and reduce tailings discharge. From the results of tailings re concentration, it can be seen that it not only improves the recovery rate of resources, but also brings great economic benefits to the enterprise.

In the field of mining, the industrial developed countries in the world have taken waste free mines as the development goal of mines and the comprehensive utilization degree of tailings as a symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological level and economic development. The utilization rate of tailings abroad can reach more than 60%, and some European countries have been developing towards the goal of waste free mines.

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