Toggle Plate Parts Reason

Toggle Plate Parts Reason

Toggle plate is a very important part in jaw crusher. It mainly has two functions. On the one hand, toggle plate transmits the driving force and supports the lower part of the movable jaw plate. On the other hand, toggle plate can protect jaw crusher. When there is iron or some other foreign bodies that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity, the toggle plate will part firstly to avoid the damage of other expensive parts. But some customers say that the toggle plates in their jaw crushers part frequently. In this article, we mainly talk about reasons and solutions about jaw crusher toggle plate parts frequently.

Reasons And Solutions About Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate Parts

Here are the commonly seen reasons and solutions about the frequent part of toggle plate in jaw crusher.

Reason: the main body of jaw crusher is over load or there are raw materials that larger than the feed opening size enter the feed opening.

Solution: in this case, operators should change the toggle plate timely and control the feeding raw materials size, such as separate the large sized raw materials out or firstly screen the raw materials need to crushed etc.

Reason: there are materials that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity. Here, toggle plate parts in order to protect other expensive parts.

Solution: operators should replace the broken toggle plate with new one and take measures to avoid the uncrushable materials enter the crushing cavity.

Reason: the toggle plate and toggle plate gasket are nonparallel, there is deflection between them.

Solution: to solve this problem, operators should replace the toggle plate and also change the broken toggle plate gasket and make sure the toggle plate is correctly installed.

Reason: the toggle plate has casting flaw.

Solution: operators should replace the broken toggle plate with a new and qualified one. While choosing toggle plates, customers should pay attention to its quality and specifications and choose professional manufacturers.

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