Carbon Black Grinding Processing Technology


Summary:Carbon black is composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon. Various features of carbon black are controlled in production by par

What Is Carbon Black

Carbon black is composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon. Various features of carbon black are controlled in production by partially combusting oil or gases.

Carbon Black Uses

Carbon black is one of the indispensable and important functional materials in modern economy. It can endow other materials or products with special performance and plays an irreplaceable role in many fields. The main categories include rubber carbon black, pigment carbon black, conductive Carbon black, carbon black for plastics and various special carbon blacks.

1. Rubber reinforcement

Carbon black is a rubber-reinforcing additive used in a multitude of rubber products. Rubber products are the most widely used fields where carbon black is used as a good reinforcement and filler, such as tires, tapes, hoses, rubber sheets, rubber shoes, and rubber shock-absorbing products such as shock-absorbing pads, rubber sealing products such as sealing strips and sealing rings, Automotive wipers, air-conditioning pipes, oil seals, transmission belts and other industrial rubber products.

According to statistics, about 90% of the total carbon black consumption in 2019 is used in rubber products. Among them, in the field of tires, carbon black is the second raw material after raw rubber, and its consumption accounts for about 67% of the total consumption. Therefore, the rubber carbon black market is closely related to the prosperity of the tire market, and the demand for tires mainly depends on the demand of the automobile market.

In particular, in case of vehicles, large amounts of carbon black are used for tires.

In addition, carbon black is used with rubber to dampen earthquake vibration, in the soles of shoes and in many other products.

2. Colors and pigments for plastics

Compared with other colorants, carbon black has a high coloring power.

Therefore. it is used as ink for printing newspapers, as ink-jet toner, and other such uses.

It is also suitable as a pigment for heat-molded plastics, car fenders, coating for electric wires and other products.

3. Electric equipment and conductive components

Since carbon black has excellent conductive properties, it is used as a component for magnetic tapes and semiconductors.

4. Other Carbon Black Application Markets

In addition to rubber products, carbon black is also widely used in many fields as an ultraviolet light shielding agent, antistatic agent or conductive agent, such as pigment carbon black is mainly used as a colorant for coatings, inks, plastics, chemical fibers and leather chemicals; conductive Due to its low resistivity, carbon black can make rubber or plastic have certain conductive properties, and can be used for cables, conductive rubber, and antistatic rubber such as oil hoses and conveyor belts. Especially in recent years, with the vigorous development of the energy automobile industry around the world, conductive carbon black has become one of the main conductive agents for lithium battery anode materials due to its advantages of high cost performance and light weight; carbon black for plastics mainly includes color master batch, sheath material, shielding material, etc. A variety of specialty carbon blacks.

With the continuous development and deepening of the market application of carbon black in various fields, the market space will be broader.

Carbon Black Grinding Processing

We recommend using MTW series trapezium mill to process carbon black. The carbon black material enters the mill from the feed hopper, and then is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, driven by the transmission device, the grinding roller on the plum frame When the device moves, the grinding roller continuously swings outward under the force of its revolution and its own rotation, so as to tighten the grinding ring. This squeezing force will cause the material to be crushed and crushed into powder.

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